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Custom Tackle Centers

Every boater has different needs and each boat has unique space restrictions.

We recognize that to maximize usable space and incorporate all the features needed, sometimes fully designed custom tackle centers are required.

We are happy to work on a custom tackle box project with you! We invite you to view our custom boat storage systems photo gallery and also our custom tackle centers features page for inspiration. We strive to offer the highest quality custom products and service available and feel that our photos and testimonials speak volumes to these efforts.

Our sales people are friendly and helpful at talking through your project. Our engineers are meticulous and dedicated to getting the most out of your space, and our prototype production department has years of experience building marine products. When working with us, you have a full team of experienced marine industry professionals trusted by hundreds of boat builders world wide. Our custom tackle boxes are used and trusted by guides and charter boats around the globe.

Please be aware that there are considerable costs and time when designing and building high quality custom products. You can expect custom tackle centers to price in the area of 50% to 75% more expensive than a comparable sized standard tackle unit. We offer a wide variety of standard storage units and would encourage the price conscious shopper to investigate these options before considering a custom boat storage option.

  • Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center
  • Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center
  • Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center
  • Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center
  • Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center
  • Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center

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The Boat Outfitters Prototype Process

Step 1: Discussions - Discussion is free of charge & commitment!

Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center Discussion Phase
  • We ask that customers provide our prototype team with a basic sketch of the critical dimensions and some of the features they would like to see in their tackle center. With this information our sales engineers will call and discuss the project basics.

  • The main goal of this stage is to assess general feasibility, confirm dimensions and get a general feel for what you are looking for. This is the time for brainstorming how to make your box awesome!

  • We have built tackle centers where the customer knew exactly what they wanted and with the customer who simply knew they wanted to fill a space. Regardless of how developed your vision is, we will help create it with you.

  • After discussion, we will give you an estimated price range based on the size and features discussed. If this price range is acceptable, we ask for a $200 deposit for engineering time to move on to the next state, design.

Step 2: Design - Let our engineers turn your sketch in to a reality!

Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center Design Phase
  • Our engineers will then take your sketch and our sales notes to create an initial drawing of your tackle center. They will determine exactly how many drawers, Plano boxes and other accessories can fit in your box. This drawing will be sent to you for approval along with the final price quote for your tackle box.

  • If this price exceeds the price range given during the discussion phase, your $200 engineering deposit is fully refundable.

  • If the price falls within the estimated price range, you have two options:

    1. You can still choose not to proceed with your box; however the $200 engineering deposit would not be refundable. We save all of our engineering drawings and if you decide to hold off on your tackle box for a later date, it will be available when you are ready. However, the $200 deposit will not count as a credit towards purchase price unless the balance is paid within 2 weeks of the final price quote.

    2. Or, you can start turning your vision in to a reality! If the balance is paid within 2 weeks of the final price quote, the $200 engineering deposit is credited towards the purchase price. We do require payment in full before we cut in to the material.

  • This will trigger the final stage, development!

Step 3: Development - We make it happen!

Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center Development Phase
  • This is the time when we go to work for you.

  • Lead time on a custom box depends largely on schedule, size and complexity. You can generally expect your box to ship 2-3 weeks after payment.

Contact us today to get started!