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  • Universal Cooler Slides - Compressed
  • Universal Cooler Slides - Extended
  • Universal Cooler Slide with Dakota Ice Chest
  • Universal Cooler Slides Installed
  • Cooler Slides with IceyTek
Size Width Depth
Small 17" - 27" 11.5" - 14.5"
Medium 18" - 41" 14.5" - 17.5"
Large 33" - 49" 17.5" - 20.5"

Measuring your Cooler for Slides=
  • Universal Cooler Slides
  • 3 Size options accommodate nearly any cooler on the market
  • The most convenient cooler slides to install and utilize
  • Included cross beams tie slides together
    • Ensures slides mount perfectly parallel (provides easy install)
    • Forces slides to move together (no binding up when pulling one side)
  • Includes King Starboard hooks to securely hold cooler in place
  • Improve cooler access without compromising deck space
  • A perfect solution for adding temporary seating
Fitting Guide:

Height: Raises cooler by 2".
Width: Adds 3" to the total width of cooler.

Price: $235.00
    Status: Quick Ship
    Usually ships In 1-3 Business Days


    The below coolers have already been measured for your convenience:

    Cooler Brand Model Size Required
    Igloo Ultima 36qt Small
    Igloo Ultima 54qt Small
    Igloo Ultima 94qt Medium
    Igloo Ultima 128qt Medium
    Igloo Max Cold Ultra 70qt Medium
    Cooleman Optimaxx 200qt Large
    Yeti Tundra 20qt Small
    Yeti Tundra 35qt Small
    Yeti Tundra 45qt Small
    Yeti Tundra 50qt Medium
    Yeti Tundra 65qt Medium
    Yeti Tundra 75qt Medium
    Yeti Tundra 125qt Medium

    Don't see your cooler? Please refer to our measuring instructions on the left.

    Universal Cooler Slides

    3 size options accomodate nearly any cooler on the market!

    Improve Cooler acces and add temporary seating without permentently utilizing deck space!

    Atypical to most cooler slides, these slides include cross beams that tie the slides together. This provides two major benefits. The first being installation. With any coolers slides it is absolutely critical that the slides are mounted to the deck perfectly parallel. If they are not they will bind up and be completely unusable. By adding cross beams we take that complication out of the mounting process. The second is the usability of the slides. Because they are attached, any force placed on one side will pull the entire cooler at once. With other cooler slides, pulling on one side of the cooler will cause that side to pull out while the other rests and binds up. This is never an issue with our "Universal Cooler Slides"!

    Every cooler slide includes King Staboard hooks for your cooler handles. These securly hold the coolers in place while running your boat. 

    For clearance, measure the width of the cooler 2.5" up from the bottom and att 3".  This allows for 1/8" tolerance on each side of the cooler.