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  • Upright Wireless Charging Station with Bungee
  • Measures: 6.625" Tall x 4.75" Wide x .75" Thick
  • Phone rest extends 7/8" off of the front of the face
  • Made fom Seafoam Acrylic
  • Charging Station stands upright while a strong bungee keeps your phone secure
  • LG TechTop Technology with wireless Qi charging station below the surface
  • Additional cell phone charging case is required for Iphone models
  • Find charging cases at the link below
Price: $249.99
    Status: Discontinued
    Usually ships In Product is No Longer Available
    The Upright Wireless Charging Station with bungee allows your phone to be securely stored while boating. The Charging Station is made from Marine Grade Acrylic and showcases LG TechTop Technology with wireless Qi charging station below the surface. Additional cell phone charging case is required for Iphone models, most newer Android phones are already equipped.

    1. What is the charging range of the transmitter? The maximum charging range of the transmitter is 9 mm with HI-MACS in-between the receiver and the transmitter. It is best recommended to set the range at 6 mm for the best performance.

    2. Do I need to plug the transmitter in? Yes, the transmitter needs to be plugged into a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) carried electrical outlet.

    3. Is the transmitter itself hard wired? Yes, the transmitter is hard wired with AC adapter.

    4. How do I know if my phone is compatible with TechTop? Visit following link to find out your phone’s compatibility with TechTop : www.LGTechTop.com

    5. What receiver do I need to purchase for my phone to make it compatible? Visit following link to find out appropriate receiver for your phone: www.LGTechTop.com The receivers need to be Qi certified to be compatible with TechTop.

    6. Where can I purchase a compatible receiver from? A compatible receiver can be purchased through Amazon or E-bay. The receiver needs to be Qi certified.

    7. What is the life expectancy of TechTop? The life expectancy of the transmitter embedded in TechTop is 5 years similar to ordinary consumer electronics.

    8. If my phone doesn’t charge when placing it on TechTop, how do I know if it is because of the receiver or the transmitter? Use the provided receiving unit with light indication to find out which is causing the problem.

    9. Will TechTop charge my phone faster than when charging with a cord? No, it will not charge faster than a cord, but it is as efficient as 90% of charging with a cord.

    10. How long will it take to charge my phone with TechTop? It usually takes 2-3hours to fully charge your phone from empty battery with TechTop.

    11. How long is the cord that is supplied with TechTop? 5 FT

    12. How does TechTop work? TechTop works by transmitting electromagnetism from the copper coil on the transmitter to a specific receiver for individual phone.

    13. Who do I call if my unit is having issues? You can call following number for any technical issue: 1-866-767-9764

    14. Will using TechTop disrupt any of my other wireless devices such as internet, home security, etc.? Using TechTop will not disrupt other wireless devices.

    15. Can I use my phone while it’s charging? You can use your phone while it’s charging as long as the phone is in an appropriate placement on top of TechTop.

    16. Can I charge multiple phones at the same time? You cannot charge multiple phones at the same time using TechTop.

    17. Will TechTop charge other devices like tablets or laptops? It is not compatible with tablets or laptops but will be available in near future.

    18. What is the warranty on TechTop? 1 year warranty is provided for TechTop.

    19. What happens when TechTop reaches its life expectancy, do I buy another one? When TechTop reaches its life expectancy, you may contact LG Hausys authorized dealer or fabricator to replace the old unit to a new one.

    20. Where is TechTop made? The surface material is made from LG Hausys’ plant in the USA, and the transmitter is made in Korea.

    21. Is TechTop safe for my health? Yes, TechTop is not harmful as it is FCC certified.

    22. What is Qi Standard? Qi standard is a global wireless charging standard that enable wireless charging among Qi compatible devices. All Qi compatible devices, regardless of manufacturer or brand will charge wirelessly when placed on Qi wireless charging area.