3 Rod Kite Fishing Rod Holder with Rigging Tray

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Make sure you rig it right when you fly those kites! This deluxe kite fishing rod holder rigging station keeps rods, tools, tackle and drink all at hands reach. Equipped with an integrated waterproof tackle tray, it comes complete with built-in knife, beverage, pliers and towel holder making you that much more efficient when cutting bait and rigging lines.

Key Features:

  • Kite Fishing Trident Rigging Station with Built-in Plano Tray Storage
  • Powder coated aluminum and durable king starboard design holds up in the toughest marine environments
  • Built In Knife, Drink, Pliers, Lure, Towel, & Drink Holder
  • Integrated Plano 3740 Waterproof Tackle Storage Tray
  • I-Beam pins in base ensure rods and drop in and lock in place
  • Outer fishing rod holders slightly angled for proper rod/line spacing
  • Designed for bait prep table top to sit flat when placed in the appropriate rod holder
  • Available for 0, 15, and 30 degree rod holders in black or white
  • For best fitment, make sure you have a true 0, 15, or 30 degree rod holder
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