36V Trolling Motor Battery

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Key Features:

  • Rest easy on every outing knowing you have a powerful and dependable battery on board
  • Higher qualified cylindrical cells that have a cycle life of more than 3000 times and excellent consistency
  • Lithium battery design offers more amp-hours and capacity in a smaller size while maintaining stability without sacrificing time on the water
  • Excellent technology offers built-in safety features to protect and enhance your battery life and performance
  • Free up storage space on your boat and swap your two 12-volt lead-acid batteries, or AGM batteries, with one powerful, lightweight Lithium battery
  • Available with Bluetooth connectivity - monitor the battery status and features on the app at all times
  • Compatible with a wide range of trolling motors: Rhodan Marine, Minn Kota, MotorGuide, Power-Pole, Garmin Fore, and Lowrance
  • Smaller and lighter footprint compared to other Lithium batteries
  • Quick 2 hour charge time
  • Fully waterproof and saltwater tested

More and more boaters are changing their lead-acid batteries to Lithium batteries. There are many benefits of switching to Lithium batteries
Size and Weight Reduction
Every boat has a weight limit and is important to restrict extra weight on your vessel. On average, Lithium batteries are approximately half the weight of a standard lead-acid battery with the same capacity and increased performance.

Increased Charge-Discharge Cycles
Lithium batteries last between 3,000-5,000 charge-discharge cycles whereas lead-acid batteries typically last between 500-1,000 cycles.

Increased Power Storage
Draining a lead-acid battery below 50% of its capacity typically causes damage and shortens the lifespan of the battery. Most lithium batteries can be 100% discharged without causing any damage to the battery. Since you almost double the capacity with a lithium battery, you may only need half the number of batteries!

Cheaper Long-Term
It is no secret that the upfront cost of lithium batteries is higher than lead-acid batteries. However, lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and increased efficiency making them cheaper in the long term. Lithium batteries typically last 8+ years!

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