Dock Bumpers

An unprotected dock can inflict real damage on your boat’s hull. Not anymore - We have sourced the best dock bumpers and fenders to give you peace of mind while docking. 

PVC Boat Dock Bumpers

PVC dock edging absorbs shocks & won’t leave marks like rubber. +More

Unsure on Size, Profile or Color?

8" samples are available on all PVC dock bumpers listed above – Letting you preview hands-on both quality and rigidity prior to purchasing.

Foam-Vinyl Dock Fenders 

Composed of a highly resilient, low-absorption foam inner core and UV-resistant, PVC-coated fabric ideal for the harsh marine environment. +More

Dock Corner Bumpers 

Dock corners are easy to hit when docking a boat in high winds and currents and have the potential to deal some serious damage. +More

Protect Your Piling 

Protecting your boat from pilings is occasionally necessary and having a permanently affixed option helps to make sure that protection is always there. +More

Let Us Help You Decide! 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or someone looking for an already assembled build, Boat Outfitters has a team of experts ready to help with your next project. Give us a call to get your project started! 866-633-7961.

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