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Boat fenders and rub rails can only do so much to keep your baby looking new. Sometimes an extra layer of protection makes all the difference. Our D-Series Dock Bumper Edging offers exactly that — a permanent, shock-absorbing, non-marking insurance policy against scratches and dings

Key Features:

  • Made with high-quality marine grade PVC that has impact modifiers and UV inhibitors to sustain outdoor performance. Non-marring in comparison to rubber.
  • Best practice stainless steel screws and washers #7-8 wood screws 1-1 ½ inch long
  • Quality-grade UV and fungicide inhibitors are added to prolong the life of the bumper
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Available in (1) Sizes: Dimensions of 3.625" length x 2.375" depth
  • Available in (3) colors: Solid white (Nautical appearance, high visibility at dusk) Gray (premium, long-lasting), and Black (Durable, longest lasting, non-marring)
Required Tools:
#7 or #8 Phillips Flat Head Screws
Flat or Finish Washers
⅛” Drill Bit

Do a dry fit of each piece before beginning installation to determine the exact placement, alignment, and orientation of each piece. Install the edge below the top plank of the dock. Mark position on the dock and edging to help guide your installation

Drill pilot holes every 6” thru the top and bottom of the bumper and the dock once placement is determined using a ⅛” drill bit. Start on one end

Use 1-1.5” long stainless-steel screws and flat or finish washers to mount the edging to the dock

If not using a corner bumper, the dock edges can be butted up to the corners of the dock, or mitered to form a 90° angle. Cut the sides of the bumper at a 45° angle and fit as closely as possible together at the corners. Seams can be fused with a UV curable adhesive if desired

If using the Flexible Dock Corner, install the corner bumper first with 2 screws in the top and bottom inner corner and 1 screw on the top and bottom outer edges closest to the edging. Install the D-Bumper edging to the dock at the end of the corner bumper
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