Battery Switches

Battery switches allow you to completely disconnect your boat batteries so you’ll always have plenty of power when you need it. » Read More

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Battery Switches for Safety & Practicality

Depending on the size of your boat, a battery switch can mean different things. On small boats, it can serve as a master switch. It shuts off all electronics wired in after the switch. On larger boats, there might be multiple on and off switches or switches that allow you to pick between battery banks. Read More

Battery Switches With Alternator Field Disconnect

Another thing to consider for the safety of your equipment is getting a switch with an alternator field disconnect. We at Boat Outfitters have the included alternator field disconnect included with both our Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch and Heavy Duty Battery Selector Switch. When your motor is running and the battery selector is set to one or both batteries, your alternator’s output is going into the battery or batteries. If you were to accidentally turn off your battery switch, the voltage in the motor would skyrocket. Read More

How Battery Switches Work

Battery switches are simple in terms of construction and function. Most marine switches consist of a heavy-duty plastic frame and stainless mounting hardware. These materials will not corrode and they provide the strength needed to protect the internal components of the switch. Read More

Boat Battery Switch Configurations

There are many different configurations of batteries and switches depending on the size and use of your vessel. Generally, battery banks are lumped into two categories: “house” and “starting.” The starting batteries on your boat should only serve one purpose, starting your motors. The house bank powers everything else. Read More

Boat Battery Switch Mounting Considerations

Where you mount your battery switch or switches requires considering a few factors. Surface mounting a switch on the outside of the vessel can provide ease of access, but no protection from the weather. If at all possible, it’s important to keep your switches out of the elements. They are built to stand up to the marine climate but will last longer protected from it. Read More

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