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Rocker switches are part of nearly every boat’s console or dash panel. Fortunately, replacing marine switch covers is an easy upgrade you can make. » Read More

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What Are Boat Switch Covers?

Rocker switch covers are decorative covers that attach to marine rocker switches. They have two main purposes: covering and protecting the switch itself and labeling what it does. Many boaters don’t realize that they can easily pop off and replace their covers in a matter of minutes without replacing the switch itself.

Common applications include the following:

Why Replace Them?

Markings fade and deteriorate over time, but if you use your boat regularly, you probably don’t pay attention to them anyway. You know by feel where the livewell and the nav light switch are. But remember that other people may need to operate your boat at times, including in emergencies. Clearly and accurately labeled boat switches are a bigger safety factor than you might expect. Read More


Not all covers are the same. OEM options come in a wide variety of shapes and textures, and replacement covers are just as different. It’s important to select replacements made of material that can stand up to the marine environment without fading or deteriorating. Read More

Printed vs Laser Etched

There are also different techniques for marking on the cover. Many coverings have labels and markings printed onto the surface of the plastic, but this tends to fade and wear away. Read More

How to Replace Them?

Replacing the switch covers on your boat is one of the easiest upgrades you can make. Simply pop the old cover off with an Actuator Removal Tool and snap the new one in place. You can replace the covers on your entire panel in a matter of a few minutes.

Choosing the Right Replacement

Beyond the quality of the cover, you’ll also need to make sure you buy one that’s compatible. Contura switches made by Carling are the most common in the industry. Read More

Common Covers

Boat Outfitters stocks 17 marine switch covers with a selection of the most commonly used labels that include:

RV, UTV, ATV, & Golf Cart Covers

Contura-style switches aren’t just for boats! These versatile, tough, weatherproof options are also commonly used on all kinds of recreational vehicles, including RVs, off-road vehicles like side-by-sides, ATVs and dirt bikes, and golf carts.

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