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Boat rub rails serve two purposes — protecting the boat against impacts and scrapes, and improving appearance by hiding the joint between the hull and the deck or liner. » Read More

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Marine Rub Rail vs Rub Rail Insert

Most boat rub rails are composed of two different pieces — the rail itself, which is screwed to the boat, and the insert, which snaps or pushes into the rail to cover the fasteners used to attach the rail. When you purchase a rub rail kit, you’ll get both the rub rail and the insert, along with end caps and often fasteners.

Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase the rub rail and the insert separately and make sure that the two are compatible. Rub rail inserts are not at all universal. Only certain inserts fit certain rub rails. Read More

Boat Rub Rail Materials

The marine rub rail is available in a large (and sometimes confusing) variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Rub rails can be made out of almost anything, but most of the rub rails currently used on recreational boats are made of flexible vinyl, semi-rigid vinyl, rigid vinyl, aluminum, or stainless steel. Read More

Rub Rail Insert Materials

Like rub rails themselves, rub rail inserts are offered in a variety of materials, including vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. Metal inserts are attractive but costly to ship in lengths over eight feet and relatively difficult to work with since they must be bent to conform to the shape of the boat. We frequently help customers find the right metal inserts and special order them, but we do not stock metal inserts. Read More

How to Match Your Boat’s Existing Rub Rail & Insert

When replacing your boat’s rub rail, you don’t have to match the existing one exactly, but that’s certainly the easiest route. And even if you don’t match it exactly, you’ll still need to match its height fairly closely as well as its profile.

One good starting point is our Rub Rail Replacement Selection Guide, which can be found under each rub rail product page. It contains an extensive list of boat manufacturers and the rub rail styles they commonly use. Simply look up your manufacturer, note the styles of rub rail and insert used, and then check the photos and drawings to determine which one you have. The Guide also shows which inserts are compatible with each style of rub rail. Read More

Ordering the Right Length of Rub Rail

Of course, you can measure around your boat to determine how much rub rail you need, but you can also save yourself some time with a simple formula. Just multiply your boat’s length by two, then add its beam, then add a couple more feet to be safe.

So for a 19’6” boat with an 8’0” beam, you’d get (19’6” x 2) + 8’ + 2’. That comes out to 39’ + 8’ + 2’, or 50’. Most rub rail kits come in lengths of 50’, 60’, 70’, or 80’.

When ordering just a rub rail insert, you can order by the foot above a minimum length and get exactly the amount you need.

Rub Rail Upgrades

Rub rails can be an opportunity to upgrade your vessel! It's common to replace the insert with a color or finish that better matches your boat. Another upgrade option is to incorporate your navigational lights into the rub rail with LED Rub Rail Navigation Lights

Rub Rail Kits: A Convient Option

Given the nature of installing a rub rail and all the different parts that are involved alongside the rail and insert, you need to make sure you have everything you need. Rather than buying all of those parts separately, there are great boat rub rail kits available here at Boat Outfitters that come with everything you need, including the rub rail itself, the insert, fasteners, splice caps, and end caps, among many others depending on the size and style.

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