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  1. Steller Series Stainless Steel Flush Latch
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    Stellar Series Stainless Steel Flush Latch
  2. Small 1.75" Stainless Steel Flush Latch
    Small 1.75" Stainless Steel Flush Latch
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Finding Exact Replacement Hardware

Our experience as the OEM supplier to 200+ boat builders means we have both the knowledge and exact marine hardware you need to finally fix that rattling hatch or rusting hinge! As the original manufacturer, we know which specific hinges, latches, etc. your boat builder has used over the years. In addition to the hardware used in our fabrication process, we’ve also worked with our Boat Builder partners to identify their highest warranty hardware parts to make sure you can find exactly what your boat needs. Use the filter dropdown to only view marine hardware used by your boat builder.

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Why Upgrade your Hardware

Upgrading and replacing hardware is a relatively easy, cost-effective way to give your boat a facelift. It goes a long way towards maintaining your boat's value and improving quality of life while on the water. With our help you can get all those easy fixes done quickly and keep your boat looking great. Beyond the obvious replacing broken or worn hardware, there are some great upgrade projects that add a ton of value and function - For example, replacing standard butt hinges with friction hinges which hold your door and lid in place. Need some cool ideas for hardware upgrades? We would love to chat about all the great options we can upgrade on your specific boat.

Marine Hardware Materials

Marine hardware is composed of corrosion-resistant materials designed for the harsh marine environment. Valued for its durability, stainless steel has traditionally been the leading material for boat deck hardware. 316 Stainless steel is a great trade off of value and long term durability and primarily what we'll use for higher end boat builders.

More on the budget side, plastics are another common option. Chrome plated plastic for example can give the appearance of metal at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel. There are a variety of plastic materials used with a variety of finishes. An advantage of plastic is the guarentee of never running into any rusting or dissimilar metal challenges. The trade off however is structural integrity and rigidity. Often we find the plastic latches for example will have a 3-5 year life span before a backing plate or latching mechanism may break and need replacing. 

Plastic and stainless hardware can offer some price and quality trade-offs, give us a call and we can help explain all the pros and cons of each material and help you make the best choice!

Hardware for Custom Projects

We’ve seen our hardware used on everything from commercial fishing boats to artisan furniture. Marine hardware is a great starting point for anyone searching for hardware that can hold up to the elements. If you're working on a new custom boat project or something completely unrelated to boats, give us a call as we'd love to help! In addition to our customer service team, we have a team of engineers who have helped with tons of unique projects and can answer all the questions you have about marine hardware and its applications!

Contact Us

If you’re having trouble finding the exact part you're looking for, the best first step is to take a picture and give us a call. Our customer service team is here Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm and would love to help you track down the exact hardware you need.

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