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Finding marine hardware that exactly matches your boats existing deck hardware can be challenging. As the OEM supplier to your Boat Builder we have the latches, hinges, cleats, deck fills and more to get you fixed up and back on the water! » Read More

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Our experience as the OEM supplier to 200+ boat builders means we have both the knowledge and exact marine hardware you need to finally fix that rattling hatch or rusting hinge! As the original manufacturer, we know which specific hinges, latches, etc. your boat builder has used over the years.

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What is Marine Hardware?

Marine hardware is a broad but important topic. This hardware can consist of latches, hinges, gas shocks, rail fittings, and many other items, down to stainless steel screws. In many cases, it’s taken for granted. Read More

Marine Hardware Materials

Above-deck boat hardware can be subject to constant moisture and UV degradation. Below deck hardware does not fare much better. Your hardware must be made of materials that can tolerate this environment. Any material used in the marine industry should not corrode when soaked in saltwater, or crack when subjected to sunlight and cold temperatures. Read More

Marine Hardware Categories

Marine hardware comes in all shapes and sizes to meet all kinds of needs. Most, though, can be grouped into one of a few basic categories: Read More

Marine-Grade Fasteners: Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers

Whether you’re installing a replacement or adding a custom accessory, it is important to do your installation with the proper marine fasteners. Read More

Sealing Your Deck Hardware

Be sure to carefully seal any hull intrusion you make when mounting your hardware. Even the smallest intrusion can let in water, beginning the rot and delamination process. Use a high-quality, marine-grade sealant, not a household sealant. Read More

Maintaining Marine Hardware

Now that you have all your marine hardware sorted out, it’s important to maintain it. Typically the maintenance is not complicated in the least bit. Read More

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