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Vinyl sheet flooring has been used in a variety of applications, but its use on ships and boats is more recent. Marine vinyl sheet flooring is durable, stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, easy to clean, and attractive. » Read More

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Benefits of Sheet Vinyl Flooring for Boats

Marine vinyl sheet flooring has many benefits for boat uses. As most boat owners know, boat decks are subjected to endless abuse in the form of fish blood, sunlight, mud, and scratches from hooks and gaffs. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, and non-skid even when it is wet.

Besides being strong and durable, it comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing for endless customization in different applications. All of this, in addition to its low cost, makes it a great option for your boat. Read More

Vinyl Flooring vs Teak

Since any image or pattern can be printed onto a marine vinyl sheet, it can visually imitate any deck material. Some of the most aesthetically pleasing materials have significant drawbacks. Vinyl flooring can replace the look of these materials with all of the benefits of vinyl. For example, teak is a classic fixture on many boats. Read More

Sheet Vinyl Flooring vs EVA Foam

The “imitation market” has exploded in the past decade, as traditional materials are being replaced by imitations like EVA foam and marine vinyl flooring. If you have decided to use an imitation product on your boat, you have a few options.

Many faux teaks are made of EVA foam. EVA foam has its advantages but can be difficult to clean and easily stained. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is easy to clean and stain resistant. On the other hand, EVA foam provides more cushioning than vinyl flooring.

Marine Vinyl Sheet Drawbacks

Sheet vinyl boat flooring does have some drawbacks. It’s important to remember that not all sheet vinyl flooring products are designed for outdoor use. Be sure that the flooring you’re choosing is designed for outdoor use. Some Lonseal products, for example, such as Loncoin, Lonplate, and Lonridge, are susceptible to UV degradation. Read More

Installing Vinyl Sheet Flooring on Your Boat

Installation of vinyl flooring is a little more involved than peel-and-stick foam, but less intensive than installing teak decking. Sheet vinyl flooring installation may vary from brand to brand, but these are a summary of the instructions provided by Lonseal, a popular manufacturer of marine vinyl flooring.

The prep work for installation is critical. Be sure to unroll your sheet vinyl flooring from its packaging at least eight hours before installation. This allows the material to “relax” from its rolled form, making installation easier. Be sure that the temperature you cut out your flooring is the same as you install your flooring. Vinyl flooring can shrink before installation; if you measure and cut your flooring in 75-degree weather, and try to install it in 40-degree weather, the sizing will not be the same. Read More

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