Woven Vinyl Boat Flooring

Woven vinyl boat flooring is an attractive alternative to other boat flooring types like carpet, nonskid, sheet vinyl, and EVA foam. The fabric is UV stable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of colors for many different boat shapes and sizes. » Read More

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Woven Vinyl Boat Flooring Basics

Woven vinyl flooring is a textile woven from PVC. This flooring tends to be longer lasting than traditional carpet because of the materials it is made of, but it’s easier to clean than foam decking. The textured surface provides great slip resistance, the vinyl fibers provide anti-microbial properties, and the heavy-duty felt backing specifically made for boat flooring provides a healthy amount of cushion for underfoot comfort. Read More

Pros of Woven Vinyl Flooring

Woven vinyl flooring offers an abundance of advantages that make it an exceptional choice for marine applications. Read More

Cons of Woven Vinyl Flooring

While woven vinyl flooring offers numerous advantages for marine applications, it's essential to consider its drawbacks as well. Read More

Installation Considerations

The best applications for woven vinyl flooring are smooth, clean, and flat flooring. Wax or glossy paint can prevent the adhesive from sufficiently bonding to the material. Uneven surfaces should be smooth or filled until it's a completely flat surface.

Woven vinyl flooring can also be installed over wood that does not have wax or other agents and will take about 24 hours to fully cure. In preparation for installation, it is recommended that woven vinyl is set out to relax for 24 hours to ensure proper adherence to the surface. Read More

Cleaning Instructions

With SupremeVinyl™, it is simply recommended to vacuum and hose fabrics off when they become dirty. This will prevent the dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric. If a thorough cleaning is needed, then mild soap and detergents are recommended. Read More


Woven marine vinyl flooring is a durable and visually appealing option for boat flooring. It offers many advantages over other flooring options without sacrificing too much. With its heavy-duty felt backing, it even provides cushioning for adequate comfort. Read More

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