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Some boats lack enough storage to keep all your boating or fishing accessories safely stowed. Drawer unit storage boxes provide ample storage in areas that may have been previously unused. » Read More

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Boat Drawer Units: Extra Storage & Organization

It seems like boats can never have enough storage. Whether you’re a fisherman packing enough gear to troll, deep drop, and kite fish in the same day, or a pleasure craft cruiser looking to entertain your guests on the sandbar, storage is always desired. Drawer storage boxes not only provide bulk dry storage but also provide an easy way to keep your storage organized and consolidated. Read More

Inset-Mount Storage and Drawer Units

Most drawer storage boxes are inset units, meaning they mount in a cutout made in a vertical surface, with most of the box hidden behind the mounting surface. They are suited for every vessel from an offshore center console to a pontoon boat. These storage boxes range from a single slide out drawer gloves box to a six drawer unit complete with a trash can. There are also specially designed units made to hold dog bowls for your four-legged friends. Read More

The Best Material for Boat Storage Boxes

The best material for marine drawer storage is King Starboard, which is a marine-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet. It has been stabilized to withstand the harshest conditions and will not rust, rot or delaminate regardless of the conditions.

Starboard is used to fabricate the drawers themselves as well as the frame used to attach the drawer unit to the mounting surface. Starboard is available in 10 different whites, off whites, tans, browns, gray, and black to match or compliment the interior of virtually any recreational boat.

Marine Drawer Unit Mounting Considerations

Most inset storage boxes and drawer units are supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes. There are two primary mounting styles: face mounting for Starboard-framed units and inside mounting for aluminum-framed units. Inside mounting provides a cleaner look with no fastener heads visible, but is somewhat more involved than face mounting. Read More

Freestanding Drawer Units and Storage Boxes

Although many drawer-based storage systems are designed to mount inside of a leaning post, console, or other vertical surface, some of them are designed to be freestanding. Typically, freestanding storage units are simply fastened through the box directly to the deck. If possible, through-bolting is desired, but screws can be used if needed. It’s important to seal any penetrations you make in your deck. Moisture seeping through the fasteners and into your coring can cause huge issues down the road with soft spots and delamination. Read More

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