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Boat tilt-out boxes help maximize the useable space on your boat by mounting straight to the walls, bulkheads, console, or dash of your boat. » Read More

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What is a Tilt Out Box?

These are boat storage containers that are mounted inside existing walls and spaces. Because they are inset inside of existing walls, they are extremely low profile and reclaim unused space lost to gunnels and consoles. Tilt boxes require less depth for mounting than a regular boat storage box.

A bottom-mounted piano hinge allows these storage containers to lay nearly flush against your gunnel. When opened, they can provide access to storage space, trash cans, and more. 


At Boat Outfitters, we use King Starboard in the construction of our tilt boxes. King Starboard is the industry leader in marine plastic products and is built to last a lifetime. Our storage containers come predrilled for your convenience.

All Boat Outfitters tilt out tackle box offerings come standard with stainless steel mounting hardware that is corrosion-resistant. Our custom-made storage systems are made in America and built to last a lifetime.  

Special Stainless Steel Hardware & Installation

Because tilt out tackle boxes are inset inside of preexisting walls, an appropriately sized cutout is required. Installation is permanent and should be carefully thought out. When planning an installation, carefully measure the amount of available space for your box. Be sure to take into consideration available wall depth as well. Read More

Types of Tilt Out Storage

Tilt-out storage is a nifty way to keep things organized and accessible in your home. These units come in various forms and they're perfect for stashing all sorts of stuff, from kitchen supplies to bathroom essentials. Imagine having easy access to your spices or toiletries without digging through cluttered cabinets! Tilt-out storage is a game-changer for keeping things tidy and within reach, making it a must-have for any home or workspace. Read More

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