Tool Holders

Outfitting your vessel with tool holders ensures maximum efficiency on the water. Commonly used accessories can be stored within arm's reach and deck space is maximized. » Read More

Why Add Tool Holders

Tool holders secure valuable cargo and ensure frequently used tools are easily accessible. All boats, but especially bass boats and center console fishing boats, can benefit from easy access to frequently used items.

Tool holders allow you to maximize the usefulness of your vessel and make the most of deck space. Made of King Starboard, the marine industry's premier plastic sheeting, tool holders are built to last. 

Tool Holder Construction

Our Boat Outfitters fishing boat tool holders are made of King Starboard, the marine industry's premier plastic sheeting. King starboard is UV resistant and built to last the life of your boat. All hardware on our tool holders is constructed with stainless steel to ensure maximum corrosion protection. 

Types of Tool Holders

Plier Holders

A good pair of fishing pliers are the most frequently used tool on any boat. They’re also the most frequently lost or misplaced. Installing a mounted plier holder will ensure that when you need your pliers, you know where to find them.

Plier holders come in a variety of styles to best fit your needs. From single holders to combination organizers, we carry what you need. Plier holders come in permanent face-mounted models as well as suction cup options. 

Phone Holders

Finally, a safe place to support your phone while on the water. Our suction phone holder allows you to store your phone elevated away from dangerous saltwater. Accommodating phones up to 3.5”, our boat phone holder fits most modern phones.

With a 1/2" vinyl construction, it is slim and lightweight. Four suction cups secure your phone and can easily be removed and relocated. 

Leader Spool Holders

When saltwater fishing, a high-quality leader is imperative. Using a leader requires constant upkeep to maintain the integrity of your leader. A high-precision mounted leader holder guarantees your leader will be precisely where you need it when it’s time to retire.

Leader holders come in several styles that fit a variety of applications and can hold one, two, three, and even four leaders at once! Options are available for face-mounted, suction cups, and free-standing leader holders.

Boga Grip Holders

Flat head bolts, also known as countersunk bolts, are bolts with a tapering conical head that insets into the mounting surface. The distinct advantage of using a flat headed bolt is that it does not protrude above the mounting surface.

Flat head bolts are perfect for application in visible areas. The low-profile design makes a more visually appealing presentation. 

Knife Holders

A good knife is used on every fishing trip. Having your cutting tool in a safe place within arm's reach ensures your knife will remain secure, and out of harm's way and also that it won’t present a safety hazard.

Knife holders are available in several styles but are usually sold in conjunction with other tool slots. This helps maximize the usefulness of your fishing boat tool holder. 

Drink Holders

Having a safe place to put your beverage while underway is easily achieved with the addition of a mounted cup holder. Mounted cup holders are sold separately or as combo holders with slots to store other commonly used tools.

A boat drink and tool holder adds convenience to your day on the water and ensures your cold drink doesn't end up on the floor of your boat. 

Other Types of Holders

At Boat Outfitters, we offer more than just your standard boat tool caddy. We are fishermen and know the types of tools most often used. Because of this, we have a wide selection of perfectly engineered tool holders.

We offer a quick-release gaff mount designed to securely hold your gaff until you need it at a moment's notice, speargun mounts that allow for easy horizontal or vertical storage, and even a paper towel holder mounted with suction cups. 

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