Trailer Jacks

A sturdy jack is a requirement for any trailered boat. They allow you to raise it off your vehicle's hitch ball and safely move it. » Read More

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What is a Trailer Jack?

These jacks are attached to the front of your trailer and do the job of lifting your boat. Most are fitted with a manual jack that is raised and lowered by cranking an arm. Most are equipped with wheels where the jack meets the ground. This gives you the ability to move the vessel short distances without attaching it to the trailer ball of a towing vehicle. Read More

Types of Jacks

When it comes to maneuvering trailers, having the right jack can make all the difference. Trailer jacks come in various types, each designed to suit different trailers and towing needs.  Read More

Which Jack is Right for Me?

Choosing one is simple, but it is important to get the right jack for your vessel. Getting a jack brand that has the correct tongue weight rating is imperative. Failure to do so could result in the failure of your jack. To estimate the approximate tongue weight of your trailer, take 10% of the total weight. Read More

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