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  • King Starboard Boat Door
  • King Starboard Boat Door Open
  • King Starboard Boat Door Back Isometric View
  • Latch Options for your Custom Boat Door
  • Replace Your Worn Teak Doors and Be Done With Maintenance Forever!

Now you can order the same high quality King Starboard doors utilized by hundreds of boat builders worldwide!

Height - Hinging Left
Height - Hinging Left
Height - Hinging Right
Height - Hinging Right
Width - Hinging Up
Width - Hinging Down
Width - Hinging Down
Width - Hinging Up
  • Build Your Own King Starboard Access Door
  • Replace your worn teak doors with a no maintenance starboard replacement.
  • Many Options to Customize & Upgrade - SS Latch, Seal, & Louvers!
  • Frames are supplied with pre-drilled and countersunk mounting holes
  • Same high quality King Starboard doors utilized by hundreds of boat builders worldwide
  • Door is designed for non-load bearing (generally vertically mounted) applications
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    Vented Louvers:

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    Built to Size King Starboard Access door

    Replace your old teak doors with high quality no maintenance King Starboard!

    Door is designed for non-load bearing (generally vertically mounted) applications

    Add weather resistant seal integrated directly into your door returns. No stuck on seal that peals off, our seal slides into a t-slot cut into the door returns.

    Add vented louvers to increase air flow. Our louvers are created via staggered perpendicular lines. The first is cut from the front and the second from the rear. This allows air flow while minimizing water that is blown through the door!

    King Starboard® Color Reference Guide

    White/White brightest white color
    Arctic White slightly off white color
    Seafoam off white eggshell color
    Fish White off white almond color

    King Starboard White Color Differences
    Dolphin Gray standard light gray color
    Glacier Gray light sandy gray color
    Black standard solid black color

    King Starboard Multicolor Differences

    Please Note: Many builders have gone through color changes and utilize different color schemes on different boats. The above list should not be considered a definitive resource. For your reference, we have compiled a "best guess" list matching boat manufacturers' colors.
    Download Builder Color List

    Color Sample Chain

    Because parts are built to order, we cannot accept any returns on account of color discrepancy. We offer sample chains at cost for all customers. If you are unsure which color best matches your boat, we highly recommend purchasing a set!

    King Starboard Sample Chain $10 shipped
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    San Diego, CA

    Custom Door

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    After deciding on my Boat Outfitters Custom Tackle Center Model, I needed matching doors for an identical compartment space directly across from where the new tackle center would be installed. Boat Outfitters made that easy by crafting the same style and sizing of the doors on the tackle center. My storage centers match and gave my boat an awesome upgrade, and with keyed locks and weather seals, this is a home run! Thanks Boat Outfitters!

    Ft. Lauderdale


    I'm so glad I found you guys at the boat show. I was tired of trying to explain to plastic companies that I wanted a quality hatch. If they could comprehend me, then would charge me as if I was asking for something out of the ordinary. I ordered my first hatch to test the quality and could not be more satisfied. I'm here on your site now ordering the 2nd and have at least 2 more to go... Thanks guys!