Replacement Parts

Can't find it?
We build thousands of boat parts not listed online. Call or send a picture - we'd love to help track it down!

We've supplied Tidewater Boats with OEM component parts used on new production boats since 2016. In those nearly 7 years of working together we've prototyped and brought into production over 350 unique Tidewater parts including soncole doors, tackle storage units, livewell lids, rod holders, and much more. This relationship allows us to provide Tidewater owners with the largest selection of Tidewater replacement hardware, material & exact replacement OEM parts!

Tidewater primarily utilizes “White/White” King Starboard and acrylic accessories as well as black accents on console doors. Depending on the model year and replacement part you need, a sample chain may be necessary to guarantee color match.

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