Fish Cleaning Tables

From overhanging dock cleaning stations to portable fish cleaning tables to extra large cleaning stations, a reliable fish cleaning table is the ideal solution for processing your fish after a long day on the water. » Read More

Why You Need a Fish Cleaning Station

A fish cleaning station or fish cleaning table is a dedicated place to clean your day’s catch. Constructed of heavy-duty marine-grade materials, fish tables are built to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Fish tables offer easy clean-up after a long day on the water and keep docks neat. Rigging gear and fishing tackle are also easily done on the flat clean surface of a dock fish cleaning station.

A dedicated cleaning station is also far easier and more comfortable to work at than a cooler lid or other improvised solution that forces you to bend over uncomfortably.

What Makes a Good Fish Cleaning Station?

A good, heavy-duty cleaning station should be built to last a lifetime of sun and salt, clean up easily, and not damage expensive knives. When looking for your next fish cleaning table, be sure it is constructed of heavy-duty, marine-grade products, like King Starboard, which is impervious to sun and salt, easy to keep clean, and won’t dull knife edges. Cleaning table legs should also be made to withstand season after season of exposure to weather and salt.

Finally, a good dock fish cleaning table also makes it easy to keep everything you need safe, secure, and easy to reach, including knives, pliers, hoses, umbrellas, and a frosty beverage.

Fishing Cleaning Table Mounting Styles

Fish cleaning tables for docks range from simple and economical to full-featured. Most cleaning stations found on docks consist of a plastic cutting surface mounted on metal or wooden legs. We use powder-coated aluminum table legs for durability and appearance. Most dock cleaning tables have four or six legs that all attach to the dock.

For smaller docks, though, that can take up a lot of space. A good solution is a Dock Overhang table that attaches to the edge of your dock and positions the table itself over the water. This saves valuable dock space and makes cleanup even easier.

How Big Should Your Cleaning Table Be?

The size of your cleaning station should be determined by a couple of factors — the size of the fish you plan to clean and the number of people who will be using it at the same time. If your cleaning table isn’t big enough to hold your fish, it isn’t much use.

Our smallest dock mount tables are 4 feet long, but if you target larger pelagic species like wahoo, kingfish, sharks, and mahi you may need a 6-foot or even 8-foot cleaning table. Even if your intended use is smaller inshore or freshwater species, you’ll need a longer table if it will be used by more than one person at a time, such as at a marina or fish camp.

Fish Cleaning Tables for Boats

Are you looking for a fillet table or cleaning table for your boat? Starboard fillet tables make great places to clean fish on board and also to rig boats and prep bait and chum. Fillet tables differ from cleaning stations in that they’re smaller — about 25” long — and removable for storage when not in use.

Most mount in flush mount rod holders or attach to vertical surfaces like our V-Lock Cutting Board. Another option is using a cooler-top cutting board that attaches to your Yeti, Igloo, or other rotomolded coolers for cleaning fish and prepping bait.

DIY Cleaning Tables 

Although we offer several “out-of-the-box” fish cleaning tables that suit most applications, designing and assembling your own dock cleaning station lets you build the perfect table and also can save you money. Simply choose your powder-coated aluminum legs (overhang or standard), and the dimensions of the tabletop, and then add accessories like tool holders as needed.

Are you simply replacing an existing table top? Replacing old cleaning table tops with a new Starboard cleaning table surface has never been easier with cut-to-size Starboard and our in-house made Build Your Own Fillet Table Top.

Available Features and Accessories

Because Boat Outfitters fabricates all our fish cleaning tables in-house, we can offer a wide variety of accessories and features to add to your table. When looking for a cleaning table for your dock, be sure to include all the features and accessories that you need. Fish cleaning station accessories include but are not limited to; 


The addition of drawers to your fish cleaning and gear prep station gives you the ability to store commonly used gear directly under your workstation. Locking drawers give you a safe place to store expensive knives, pliers, and rigging tools all within arm's reach. Adding drawers is a fantastic way to improve the functionality of your cleaning station.


A built-in sink gives you the ability to clean your gear and filets immediately after your day on the water. A cleaning table with a sink ensures the mess from cleaning your fish does not travel away from the table or contaminate your processed filets. Fish cleaning table sinks generally are not plumbed like home sinks. Instead, they are simply stainless steel tubs with drain holes that can be rinsed with a washdown hose.


Extra shelves make any cleaning table more usable. Upper shelves, which mount to the back “lip” of the tabletop, are a great place to keep finished fillets clean and store bags and other supplies. Lower shelves, which attach to the legs of the fishing cleaning table, are ideal for knives, bags, paper towels, cleaning brushes, and other tools and supplies.

Tool Holder

Side-mounted tool holders allow you to keep frequently used tools in a convenient location. Multiple styles and options are available to best suit your needs. Our popular Tool/Drink Holder with Integrated Knife Sharpener attaches to either side of your cleaning table and has a drink holder, a place for your pliers, and a hole for an umbrella pole for shade.

Hose Holder

It seems obvious, but a convenient place to hang the nozzle of your washdown hose makes your fish cleaning table much more functional. All of our dock-mount cleaning stations incorporate a hose holder as well as a knife holder.

Knife Holder and Knife Sharpener

A safe place to keep a knife while not in use is a key step to avoiding accidents while cleaning your catch. A knife holder can be added to one or more sides of your fish cleaning table and is available as an option on all our cleaning stations. A quality sharpener integrated right into your cleaning table is also very handy, and can be retrofitted to any fish cleaning station.

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