Fishing boat outriggers are essential tools offshore fishermen use to effectively cover water. We have a wide range of outriggers and related components and accessories. » Read More

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How Fishing Boat Outriggers Work

Fishing boat outriggers are essentially long poles, also referred to as antennas, that are installed on both sides of your boat to hold fishing lines. With a system involving pulleys and clips, they allow you to operate your fishing lines, reeling them in and releasing them as and when necessary. 

What Materials Are Outriggers Made From?

Most fishing boat outriggers are made from one of two different materials, carbon fiber, and aluminum. While aluminum has been a long-time staple, carbon fiber outriggers are gaining popularity. Carbon fiber outriggers are preferred by many experienced and professional sport fishermen because they are incredibly lightweight, strong, and durable. The other advantage of carbon fiber outriggers is they offer greater protection against rust and corrosion. 

Benefits of Using Outriggers on Your Fishing Boat

Outriggers are used when you are utilizing the trolling method of fishing. Although this form of fishing is possible without them, many fishermen use them because of the distinct benefits they offer. Read More

Tips for Choosing the Best Outrigger Mount for Your Boat

As there are many outriggers out there to choose from, if you are new to this piece of fishing equipment, it can be overwhelming. To help make things a little easier, we are going to highlight four tips for choosing the best and right outrigger for your vessel. Read More

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