Marine Door Holders

Marine door holders are an often-overlooked part of boat doors or hatches. Boats rock and sway with the waves, causing open doors and hatches to swing or slam if not secured. » Read More

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Why Use Boat Door Holders?

Boat door holders prevent open doors from slamming or sliding shut when the vessel is rocking in the water or in strong winds. Some boat doors can be very heavy and cause injury if not properly held in place or locked, and even the small doors and hatches can cause damage and inconvenience to boat owners.

Below are some reasons to consider installing boat door holders: Read More

Boat Door Holder Types and Materials

Many different options for door stops and holders on boats are available. Some include magnets to help secure the door and others include locks or hooks to keep the door open. The most popular material types used for door holders are stainless steel, plastic, Starboard material, and brass. The cost of these products can vary widely depending on the quality of the materials and how big of a door the holder will be used to secure.

Boat door holders are like doors on land, many of them being adapted to be used on a boat in a marine environment. They include some of the following examples: Read More

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