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Boat lights may not be something you give much thought to when you are looking at the things you need to invest in for your vessel. However, there is a wide range of lights to choose from. » Read More

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Use & Importance of Different Types of Boat Lights

When it comes to investing in boat lights, there are a lot of different options available. To know what you need for your vessel at any given time or for specific uses and applications, you need to know what each of the most common boat lights is for. To help you, we will outline the most common boat lights below, what they are used for and why they are important. Read More

How Easy it is to Add Boat Lights

Although it may seem like quite an intimidating task if you are unfamiliar or inexperienced working with lights, to add some illuminations to your boat. LED boat lights appear to be the way to go in most instances and if you are looking for quick and easy suggestions for adding these to your vessel, consider the options below, broken down into three categories – starter/easy, midrange/intermediate, and expensive/complicated. Read More

Why Adding LED Lights is a Great Boat Upgrade

Now we have had a brief look at how you might add LED lights to your boat, you may still need convincing LED lights are the way to go. Below we have highlighted three major benefits of choosing these forms of illuminations. Read More

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