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Owning and Maintaining Your Boat Trailer

Boat trailers play an essential role in getting your boat where you want it. Trailers offer tremendous flexibility. They will allow you to go from freshwater to saltwater pretty much anywhere in the continental United States. If you recently purchased a trailer, you have 30 days to title and register the trailer. If your trailer is wider than 8'6", taller than 13'5", and longer than 40', you will also need an over-dimensional permit. 

Types of Boat Trailers

Bunk Trailers

Often fitted with large weight-carrying bunks covered with marine carpet or starboard. These are more common on small to medium-sized boats.

Roller Trailers

They get their name from the banks of rubber or plastic wheels that your boat will load on. The advantage of roller trailers is that your boat will load and unload easier. Roller boat trailers require a little extra maintenance, the rollers need to be replaced every so often. Replacing boat trailer rollers is a relatively easy and inexpensive project.

Important Boat Trailer Parts

Lights and Wiring

One of the most common problems with boat trailers is an issue with the electrical system. The old incandescent lights can have problems standing up to the wear and tear of a boat trailer. It is good to switch to LED lights as they are brighter, take less power, and are tougher. Trailer lights often go out due to a few of common issues including a bad power source, connection, or a dead bulb.

Boat Trailer Winch

It is essential to choose a trailer winch appropriate for the weight of your boat, including the motor and equipment. Remember to keep the winch bolts and handle nut tight. Make sure the strap is flat and straight and keep the safety hook operating correctly. Checking the measurements and bolt patterns of your existing boat trailer winch will help you determine a good replacement.

Wheel Bearings

Your axel spins in the wheel bearings, and they need lubrication to remain cool and roll smoothly. If the wheel bearings are not properly maintained, they will overheat and seize, stopping you from moving at all. Properly maintained bearing may outlast your trailer. Be aware that water can leach into your hubs every time you launch your boat, especially with warm hubs.

Couplers and Lock Pins

Boat trailer couplers create the bond between your tow vehicle and trailer, making them a crucial piece of boat hauling equipment. Make sure to regularly clean and grease all pivot points as well as make sure all locking mechanisms are working properly. When replacing a boat trailer coupler make sure to pay attention to the ball size, tongue mount, and load capacity to ensure compatibility between your boat and tow vehicle. 


Having the correct boat hauling equipment is important, as well as the hardware used in securing that equipment. Boat trailer brackets, bolts and rollers are all crucial pieces of hardware that need to be maintained. What sets this hardware apart is its strength and ability to hold up to corrosion.

Tie Down Straps

In most states, it is the law to tie your boat down to your trailer. You can tie from the stern to the trailer or go around the boat. A boat trailer that is 2,000 lbs. or more must be equipped with fenders covers or other splash and spray suppressant devices.


Most state laws require any trailer over 3,000 lbs. to have brakes on each axle. There are multiple types of brakes, including hydraulic, electric, surge, drum, and more. Regardless of the type of brake used, signs of wear can include noise, brakes that grab or lock up, or uneven tread on the trailer tires. 

Helpful Boat Trailer Accessories

Starboard Trailer Bunk Slides

These slides make the boat ramp a breeze with a simple solution to an age-old hassle. Fabricated from King Starboard, these slides are designed to be durable and withstand the harsh marine environment without damaging your boat.

Motor Support Stick

An alternative to traditional transom savers, outboard Motor support sticks provide ample support for your outboard when trailering. These are also much smaller and easier to stow than traditional motor supports. 

Adjustable Trailer Step

Have trouble getting in and out of your boat when it’s on the trailer? Adding a trailer step is a great solution to make the boarding process easier and safer. An adjustable trailer step is great because it can be adjusted to fit a variety of boat styles and sizes.

Commonly Asked Questions about Boat Trailer Parts

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