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Our goal is simple, make your boat a fish catching machine. Providing anglers with the most innovative Fishing Accessories, Gear & Equipment for their boats has been the goal of Boat Outfitters since we started. » Read More

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Fishing is in our roots, it drives our passion for providing the best fishing boat accessories for every angler. We are fishermen, we hire fishermen and love to help fellow anglers. This mix of passion and dedication has made us the leader in saltwater fishing boat accessories for the past 40 years. We are dedicated to creating new and innovative products to help all of our customers including Boston Whaler, Everglades, hundreds of other boat builders and every boat owner.

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Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity

How many times has the bite been hot and your precious time is wasted looking for the right rig or tool? It's crucial to have your fishing gear exactly where you need it at all times because you never know when that release clip is gonna pop! Read More

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You know that new cooler slide on the Boston Whaler Outrage, or the sweet tackle center on the 42 Freeman? That was us. We build parts for all the top boat builders every day, it's our core business. We’ve done it for the big builders and we would be glad to do it for you. We’ve prototyped over 100,000 unique parts making us a fantastic source for custom or hard to find replacement boat parts!

Custom Solutions for Fishing Boats

While we have thousands of pre-engineered fishing accessories, optimizing your specific boat often requires custom projects. From sport fishers to stand up paddle boards if it needs fishing gear, we can build it. We understand the space constraints and special features of boats are often very unique and customization can be tricky. Read More

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