Foam Decking

Foam boat decking is an EVA-style foam used for many outdoor applications. It is a great addition or alternative to standard marine floorings like carpet or anti-skid paint. » Read More

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Benefits of Using Foam Boat Decking

Whether you are new to foam decking in boats or boating in general, you may be a little apprehensive about choosing foam decking over more traditional materials. To highlight why you should give it some serious consideration, though, we have highlighted some of its main benefits below. Read More

Challenges of Foam Decking on Boats

In the interest of providing you with a comprehensive and unbiased picture, we wanted to discuss some of the noted downsides to using foam decking in boats. We are not suggesting that these are definitely reasons why you shouldn’t use it, but they are serious enough in some situations to warrant your attention. Read More

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Commonly Asked Questions About EVA Foam Boat Decking

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