Foam Decking

Foam boat decking is an EVA-style foam used for many outdoor applications. It is a great addition or alternative to standard marine floorings like carpet or anti-skid paint. » Read More

Benefits of Using Foam Boat Decking

Whether you are new to foam decking in boats or boating in general, you may be a little apprehensive about choosing foam decking over more traditional materials. To highlight why you should give it some serious consideration, though, we have highlighted some of its main benefits below.

Durable and Comfortable 

Not only is foam deck designed to be durable and capable of enduring exposure to harsh marine environments, but it is also very comfortable to walk and sit on. This is why foam boat decking is great for bolster pads, helm risers, and cooler tops

Easy to Install

Another huge advantage with EVA foam decking is just how easy it is to work with. Most marine foam decking has an adhesive back which makes it easy to apply. Just make sure the area is smooth and well cleaned before applying.

Cut-to-Size EVA Foam Boat Decking

Boat Outfitters offers many cut-to-size options for EVA foam decking making the installation process even easier! With our custom EVA foam cooler pads, EVA coaming pads, step pads, and EVA foam helm pads it's as easy as plugging in your dimensions and getting the exact piece you need.

Custom EVA Foam Boat Decking

The ability to have custom cut EVA foam decking means anywhere on your boat that needs extra padding or grip can be easily enhanced. We offer custom shapes and entire EVA foam boat decking sheets, just give us a call and we can accommodate your special orders!

Helps Extend the Lifespan of Your Boat

EVA foam decking can adhere to many surfaces and provide extra cushioning to high-traffic areas. Take for example casting platforms, fishing decks, and boat ladder steps. All of these areas can be enhanced and protected by foam boat decking.

Non-Slip Surface

Foam boat decking offers great grip and therefore is popular for many marine surfaces. Any area on your boat prone to slips can be enhanced by an EVA foam pad, for example; casting decks, gunnels, steps, or console tops. Some boaters have used foam decking in place of topside paint due to an easier application process.

Challenges of Foam Decking on Boats

In the interest of providing you with a comprehensive and unbiased picture, we wanted to discuss some of the noted downsides to using foam decking in boats. We are not suggesting that these are definitely reasons why you shouldn’t use it, but they are serious enough in some situations to warrant your attention.

It Can Get Damaged

While most foam decking is fairly durable, some will still suffer damages if sharp or heavy items are dropped and dragged over them. The relative strength and durability of EVA foam boat decking often depend on the brand or manufacturer. Take for example Shark Deck EVA foam decking from Boat Outfitters, it has a slightly denser foam than other brands, this means it may not be as soft but it is much more durable than most other marine foam decking options.

It Can Be Difficult to Remove and Replace

Although foam decking like EVA is generally considered one of the easiest flooring solutions to install, the same can’t be said for some products when it’s time to replace or remove them. Some that are glued directly onto the deck surface take a lot of effort.

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