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Boat vents are used to ventilate engine and machinery compartments to prevent dangerous buildups of gasoline or diesel fumes and to ensure proper airflow in cabins, consoles, and other enclosed spaces. » Read More

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Importance of Vents on a Boat

Whether you are new to boating or not, ventilation is something that you should not take for granted. On a boat, it is not just important for ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable time on the water; it can be a matter of life and death. Proper ventilation is required by law on many boats, so you need to understand the how and why of ventilating your boat.

To help you, here at Boat Outfitters, we have put together this guide to boat ventilation.

Importance of Fresh Air for Engine Compartment Ventilation

The first legal requirement for boat ventilation was as far back as April 1940 when, by law, all boats powered by gasoline required sufficient ventilation. That law is still in place now. Read More

Different Types of Boat Vents

There are a variety of different vents for boats available on the market these days. This guide will hopefully shed some light for you on what each is used for, to help you make the right buying decisions for your vessel. Read More

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