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There is no better feeling than spending time on the water with your friends and family for drinks or a meal. Having the perfect boat table makes it all better. » Read More

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Things to Consider

Boat tables come in all different shapes and sizes. How you plan on using your boat has a large impact on what table works best for you. A table made for rigging baits will look much different than a table made for serving brunch.

The next consideration is the amount of available space your boat has. Too large of a table on too small of a boat can make getting around the boat difficult, but too small of a table to fit your needs can be just as bad. Read More

Table Materials

As stated previously, how you plan on using your table will have a big impact on what you need to buy. For a table meant to hold light snacks and provide cup holders, construction material is not as important as it is for a heavier-use surface. On a heavier-use surface, it’s important to buy a table that is built to stand up to it.

Any unsealed wood surfaces should be avoided for outdoor marine use, as they can deteriorate when subjected to moisture. Wooden boat table tops can be beautiful for indoor applications, and many boat salons feature beautifully finished wooden table tops. Read More

Table Placement & Mounting

Now that you have your intended use and material figured out, the next question is how and where to mount a table on your boat? Like table top surfaces, you have a few mounting options as well. In most boats where storage is of the essence, folding tables are a great option. Read More

Table Designs

Now that you have the perfect boat tabletop surface, the perfect location, and the perfect mount, it’s time to pick out the best design. Certain spaces naturally lend themselves to specific table top shapes. Certain applications also lend themselves to certain designs.

Boat Outfitters’ Drink Bar with Serving Tray, for example, is designed with entertaining your guests in mind. It features multiple cup holders and recessed areas for serving trays. Even on smooth seas, cup holders are critical to avoid spilling drinks all over the deck of your boat. Read More

Table Height & Adjustability

Some newer boats offer adjustable boat table pedestals that allow your marine table to serve multiple purposes as a table or a sun deck. When needed as a table, the pedestals elevate higher to the preferred table level for eating or drinking.

When operating as a sun deck, the pedestals lower, and fitted cushions button over the table to turn your bow into a sun deck. Regardless of the brand or layout, adjustable table bases allow a table to serve multiple purposes.

Mounting Your Table

Now that you have the perfect table, make sure it’s installed properly. Ensure all the installed boat table mounting hardware is high-quality stainless steel. There’s nothing worse than your clean boat having corrosion streaks from cheap hardware. Read More

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