Swim Platforms

One of the most practical and safest upgrades to your boat is a swim platform. Over the past 40+ years we have been trusted by the top boat builders to build their swim platforms, and we offer the same OEM quality boat swim platforms direct to you. » Read More

Benefits of Having a Boat Swim Platform

A swim platform is a ledge or surface that normally extends out from the transom of the boat. They are designed to make it easy to get on and off the boat and can act as a staging platform for watersports such as water-skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, and scuba diving. This is why platforms are also referred to as boat swim decks. 

Since most swim platforms come with a ladder they offer added safety. If a passenger were to fall overboard a swim platform allows them to quickly and easily reboard the vessel.

Boat Swim Platform Material Options

Starboard: StarBoard s the ultimate swim platform material. It's strong, weatherproof, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. Due to these benefits starboard is by far the most popular swim platform material we offer. 
Teak wood:
 The original swim platform material and is still a common option.  Teak is strong, durable, and looks amazing. However, it requires maintenance and does not last as long as plastic or fiberglass options. 

Fiberglass: The majority of modern OEM Swim platforms that are already installed on a boat are specially molded fiberglass. As is the case with other structures and products made from fiberglass, these swim platforms are durable and robust enough and will provide you with many years of use. 

Boat Ladders for Your Swim Platform 

The more steps on a swim platform ladder the easier it is to use. Avoid choosing and installing a swim platform ladder that has steps that don’t extend down far enough beneath the surface of the water to suit the abilities of all using your boat. 

You also need to make sure that any handles are installed in the right location and are high enough to provide optimum assistance.

Boating Ladder Steps

Be prepared to install extra handles, handholds, or even steps on the transom of your boat or at another convenient place on the stern to make it easier to use your boat ladder. Some eva foam decking is also a great addition to a swim platform for extra slip protection and padding. 

Always make sure that all hardware is correctly and safely installed using the right size and type of stainless steel backing plates, thru-bolts, and nuts. These should be checked regularly for any signs of wear and tear, movement, or other issues that could compromise the safety of your swim platform and ladder. 

Swim Platform Mounting Style for Your Boat

Inboard Engine: Mounting a swim platform to an inboard engine allows more options since the motor does not extend out from the stern. Transom swim platforms stretch across the entire stern and allow for a large area to board the boat or lounge. The other style of inboard swim platforms have two handles and mounts to either the left or right side of the stern. 

Outboard Engine: When mounting a swim platform to an outboard style boat it’s crucial that the platform does not impede the full rotation of the engine. This is why outboard-style platforms have only one upward extending handle, the side without the handle should face the engine to allow the engine to rotate. Depending on the size of your stern a two-handle platform may be able to fit. 

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