Boat Grab Bars and Door Handles

Grab bars and door handles are essential components of any boat. Grab bars are designed to make it easier to safely get on, off, and stand on your boat. » Read More

Why are Grab Bars and Flush Handles Important on Boats?

Grab bars are special safety devices that are designed to make it easier for you to get on and off a boat, and also stay safe while standing and maneuvering around the wet and slippery surfaces of your vessel. Since they are most often used when boarding a boat these handles are often referred to as boat boarding grab handles or boat grab handles. They are also crucial to safe boating when navigating through choppier and rougher waters.

Flush Door Pulls and Hatch Pulls

Both hatch pulls and flush pull handles are a great option when a lifting handle is needed on a walking surface, like a boat deck or hatch. Walking surfaces on boats should never have trip hazards, that's what makes flush pulls and hatch pulls perfect for boats! Hatch pulls and flush pulls are recessed into the deck or mounting surface and still provide a perfect area to open a door or hatch

Flush Ring Pulls

Flush ring pulls offer the same advantages as hatch pulls and flush pulls, they provide a point to lift and open a hatch on an area that needs to remain flush. The main difference is that flush ring pulls provide a small ring to flip up and grip while opening a door, hatch, or lid.

What You Need to Look for When Buying Grab Bars or Grab Handles for Your Boat

As there are a variety of different grab bar options out there, you may find it a little overwhelming trying to choose the very best for your boat project. To give you some help, we have put together a list of the different aspects of grab bars you need to consider when purchasing them. Be careful not to mistake door handles or grab bars for mechanical cabin door handles, or latches that are used to both open doors and hatches, and keep them closed.

Structural Integrity

The strongest and most durable grab rails and grab bars are those that are installed using a backing plate made of either aluminum, composite, or wood and through-bolts. These help to distribute the generated pull forces.


There is a huge trend in boats with open bows for boat owners and manufacturers to install grab bars that recessed into the top side of the gunwale and run them along the permitter of the boat’s bow seating. This makes it easier for you and passengers to grab hold of the grab bar regardless of where or how you are sitting down

Grab Bars and Flush Handle Materials

Stainless Steel Boat Grab Handles

Stainless steel boat hardware is always respected for its sharp look, durability, and corrosion resistance. That is why stainless steel is a premier material option for marine grade grab handles and door handles.

Aluminum Boat Grab Handles

Aluminum Is another common option for boat door and grab handles. Aluminum is lighter but offers the same corrosion resistance as other materials.

King Starboard Boat Grab Handles

Here at Boat Outfitters, we love using starboard, it is a super-strong, long-lasting, maintenance-free, and relatively inexpensive material. We can make custom starboard grab handles and bars to fit any area on your boat, and they will last forever! We often use starboard to replace worn and weathered boat grab handles. 

Fender Cleats

Boat handles and rails often deteriorate over time. When looking to replace them you can explore the many options at If you cant find a perfect match, we can custom replicate your grab handles and rails or any part out of marine grade starboard!

When Boating Use One Hand Rule

The majority of experienced and seasoned boaters follow the one hand on the boat. That is, they always have at least one hand on the boat while they are moving about, whether they are below or above decks. Therefore, when choosing locations to install safety handles, many will install them absolutely everywhere, including countertops, arches, towers, T-top supports, Bimini tops, seatbacks, and windshield frames.

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