Boat Trash Can Storage

A universal experience of boating is chasing down pieces of trash flying around the deck. That’s because most boats aren’t designed with built-in trash cans or trash can storage. Fortunately, there are many solutions help keep trash in its place. » Read More

Bucket Toppers

The simplest and most utilitarian trash solutions tend to be products like the Yeti Loadout Trash Can Bucket Topper and a standard 5-gallon bucket topper that transform basic buckets already on the boat, into trash cans. This is a step up from the garbage sack tied to the rail of the boat and provides a secure trash bin that won’t be blowing around or out of the boat while cruising.

Rail-Mount Boat Trash Cans

Bucket toppers for 5-gallon buckets are a quick and convenient solution; however, they aren’t the most portable solution when leaving the boat at the sandbar. That’s where CaddyCans come in. CaddyCans are soft-sided containers designed to be carried easily or strapped to the railing of a T-top or console.

This option allows for a level of versatility and convenience that a larger 5-gallon bucket cannot provide. The well-designed trash solution attaches quickly to any rail folds down for convenient storage when not needed and the self-closing top keeps the trash from escaping.

Interior Boat Trash Cans

Another good option for a mounted trash bin that can be hidden and out of the way is the Hang It Mate. The Hang It Mate is an easily installed and simple hidden solution that includes installation hardware. This option can be installed inside the console, a drawer, or another location tucked away. Like other trash containers without lids, this is best used inside consoles or cabins where it won’t be exposed to the wind.

Pull-Out and Tilt-Out Boat Trash Cans

Boat Outfitters also has more permanent solutions for trash storage on boats. Some of the offerings include slide out and tilt out trash cans, pull-out drawers with trash can built-in, and trash units meant to replace built-in cabinets on pontoon boats. Most of the pre-built drop-in solutions require little to no customization and will replace standard-size drawers and storage compartments on boats.

Custom Boat Trash Can Storage

Custom solutions are also available and can be built out of Starboard. Often, the space available on the boat may be a unique shape or the dimensions irregular. In this case, building a custom-sized trash management system would be the ideal solution to keep the bins and receptacles off of the deck and out of the way. Custom-built containers can be designed to use the space beneath seats, within drawers or compartments that are often underused, while maintaining easy access to store the trash. Custom trash bins will help provide a convenient and unobtrusive waste management solution for tight or non-standard spaces.

Boat Outfitters offers many accessories and solutions for boat trash storage and management for all boating needs. Everything from a simple 5-gallon bucket with a bucket topper, on-the-go CaddyCans, or custom-installed units are available to make being on the water easy and enjoyable.

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