NidaCore Plastic Sheets

Nida Core honeycomb panels are widely used as fiberglass coring in boat building as well as in other industries such as RV and wind turbine construction. Here’s what you need to know about Nida Core for your DIY project. » Read More

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What is Nida Core?

Nida Core (also commonly spelled Nida-Core or NidaCore) is a polypropylene honeycomb panel. It is composed of many vacuum-filled, 8mm hexagonal cells just like a natural honeycomb. Read More

Advantages of Nida Core

Compared to other coring panels, NidaCore is lightweight and rigid. The core by itself weighs less by volume even than 5 lb. Read More

Limitations of Nida Core

NidaCore has two primary limitations: relatively low compression strength and poor screw holding. Compressive strength is the ability to resist squashing, for example when through-bolting hardware to the deck. Read More

What Are Popular Uses?

Because of its light weight and rigidity, NidaCore is a great choice for decks, hatches, hardtops, and interior and exterior walls. Read More


Pre-laminated NidaCore is easy to work with using common woodworking tools like table saws, circular saws, jig saws, routers, and grinders. Because the skins are fiberglass, you should always wear appropriate PPE when working with NidaCore. Read More

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