Bow Pulpits

A bow pulpit is an extension attached to the bow of your boat, typically made of fiberglass. The pulpit is used as a place to secure your anchor, and as a mounting position for a windlass or anchor winch. It is also a convenient mooring location and is an excellent spot for mounting navigation lights. An attractive bow pulpit is the pinnacle of any great vessel. » Read More

What is a Bow Pulpit?

A bow pulpit, also known as an anchor pulpit, is an extension — usually made of fiberglass or wood — attached to the front of boats.

The purpose of a bow pulpit is to secure the anchor away from the deck of the boat to provide a safer, easier anchoring experience.

Mooring is also safely and effectively achieved from the anchor of a pulpit. A windlass can also be installed on a pulpit for hands-free anchoring. 

Types of Pulpits

Marine bow pulpits are typically made from two materials. Wood bow pulpits are a classic material and provide a classy and elegant look. Wood bow pulpits are typically custom-made, therefore more expensive than their fiberglass counterparts.

Fiberglass is rugged, clean, and easy to maintain. It requires less maintenance than wood and is easier to install. Mounting anchors and rails to your pulpit are also easier achieved on fiberglass. Currently, Boat Outfitters carries two fiberglass bow pulpit sizes:


With intermediate mechanical and electrical skills, you can install a bow pulpit on your vessel. When installing one, make sure any preexisting hardware such as cleats and navigation lights are removed before starting installation.

Carefully measure, mark, and drill holes where mounting hardware will be placed. Using quality marine-grade fasteners, secure it to your vessel.

Attach desired lighting, cleats, and anchor management system and enjoy your new look!

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