Bow Pulpits

A bow pulpit is an extension attached to the bow of your boat, typically made of fiberglass. The pulpit is used as a place to secure your anchor and as a mounting base for a windlass or anchor winch. » Read More

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What is a Bow Pulpit?

A bow pulpit, also known as an anchor pulpit, is an extension — usually made of fiberglass or wood — attached to the front of boats. Read More

Types of Pulpits

Marine bow pulpits are typically made from two materials. Wood bow pulpits are a classic material and provide a classy and elegant look. Wood bow pulpits are typically custom-made, therefore more expensive than their fiberglass counterparts. Read More


With intermediate mechanical and electrical skills, you can install a bow pulpit on your vessel. When installing one, make sure any preexisting hardware such as cleats and navigation lights are removed before starting installation. Read More

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