Bimini Top Hardware

Bimini top hardware refers to all the fittings, hinges, eyelets, clips, and straps that hold a Bimini top and its frame in place — essentially everything except the cloth portion of the top and the metal tubing frame. » Read More

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Types of Bimini Top Hardware

Bimini-type parts fall into a few basic categories. Within some of those categories, there are a few different types of fitting for different kinds of applications. Read More

Bimini Top Hinge Options

Beyond the basic deck hinge, several kinds of Bimini hinges offer distinct advantages in certain applications. Read More

Selecting the Right Bimini Top Parts

Buying replacement Bimini top parts requires an understanding of the various materials and of the way Bimini tops are made. Read More

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Commonly Asked Questions About Bimini Top Hardware

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