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  1. Livewell Overflow Drain Tube
    Livewell Overflow Drain Tube
  2. High Performance Washdown Hose
    High Performance Wash Down Hose
  3. Scupper Flapper Replacement Kit
    Scupper Flapper Replacement Kit
  4. Mini Thru Hull
    Mini Thru Hull
  5. 1.5" Vinyl Push Plug - Black
    1.5" Vinyl Push Plug - Black
  6. Recessed Transom Shower Hose
    Recessed Transom Shower Hose
  7. Wash Down Faucet
    Wash Down Faucet
  8. Flow-Max Ball Scupper - Clear
    Flow-Max Ball Scupper - Clear
  9. Square Escape Hatch
    Square Escape Hatch
  10. 1.5" Cockpit Deck Drain - 90°
    1.5" Cockpit Deck Drain - 90°
  11. Thru Hull Fitting
    Thru Hull Fitting
  12. Surface Mount Scupper Valve Assembly
    Surface Mount Scupper Valve Assembly
  13. 1.5" Deck Fill Cap - Cap Only
    1.5" Deck Fill Cap - Cap Only
  14. Bronze Garboard Drain Plug
    Bronze Garboard Drain Plug-Plug Only
  15. Scupper Ring with Cover
    Scupper Ring with Cover
  16. Scupper Adapter
    Scupper Adapter
  17. 1.125" Vinyl Push Plug
    1.125" Vinyl Push Plug
  18. Garboard Drain- Male Only
    Garboard Drain- Male Only
  19. Adjustable Live Well Drain with Plug
    Adjustable Live Well Drain with Plug
  20. Innovative Wash Down Station
    Innovative Wash Down Station
  21. Deck Drain Scupper
    Deck Drain Scupper
  22. Zinc Chrome Plated Gas Tank Vent - 5/8"
    Zinc Chrome Plated Gas Tank Vent - 5/8"
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Marine Water Pumps

Marine water pumps are used in a variety of situations. A bilge pump is available in both automatic and manual versions and is designed to remove water from the bilge of your vessel. Livewell pumps bring fresh water into your bait tanks or livewell to keep your bait fresh and lively. Washdown pumps are high-pressure pumps designed to help you wash down the deck of your vessel. Marine pumps carry a heavy workload and need to be maintained and replaced periodically. Quality marine pumps are extremely important and can be the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and your vessel sinking!

Other Types of Pumps

Submersible in-line pumps are used to pump water or diesel and are versatile pumps to have aboard. They can also be used as bilge pumps in the event of an emergency. Macerators, or wastewater pumps, are most often found on larger vessels and act as waste disposal for areas prone to clogging. They use teeth to crush up and pump out waste. Areas such as fish boxes, garbage disposal systems, and sewage lines are prone to needing a macerator or wastewater pump.

Marine Plumbing & Boat Vents - Boat OutfittersMarine Plumbing & Boat Vents - Boat Outfitters

Boat Plumbing Fittings

Marine plumbing parts and boat plumbing fittings take care of a vast assortment of applications on board a boat. At Boat Outfitters, we carry any fitting you need for your vessel. Installing a new drain plug? Yep, we got it. Replacing worn-out scuppers? Look no further, we have them as well as Y-valves, thru-hulls, and much more. Our fittings come in a wide variety of high-quality materials and applications.

Most Common Boat Plumbing Fittings

Boat Air Vents

Boat air vents are critical in supplying fresh air to areas that accumulate hazardous gases. This reduces the chances of dangerous explosions. They also supply ventilation to damp areas of your boat and guard against mold, mildew, and rot. Air vents allow fresh air intake for engines and motors that require air circulation to properly operate. Our air vents are made of high-quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum to ensure your air vent will last a lifetime, even in the harshest conditions.

Floor Drains

Drainage on deck is imperative for removing unwanted water on your vessel's floor. Floor drains are flush mounted directly to the floor of your boat and drain water away from the deck. Quality drains help ensure your boat deck will not fill with water. We offer drains with 45 and 90-degree options made of stainless steel to withstand a corrosive environment.

Marine Plumbing & Boat Vents - Boat OutfittersMarine Plumbing & Boat Vents - Boat Outfitters


A thru-hull is a fitting made to be installed through the hull of a boat. Thru-hull is a generic term for any fitting required to be drilled through the hull to be installed. Thru-hulls are most often used to let water in or out but are also used as sensor locations, exhaust ports, and more. Installation can be done above or below the water line depending on the type of fitting and job. Because thru-hulls are holes in your hull, a quality fitting is particularly important. Care should be taken when purchasing thru-hull fittings and materials should be carefully selected. At Boat Outfitters we offer a wide variety of thru-hulls for any situation. Our fittings come in a wide variety of materials so you can be sure you have the right tool for the job.


Marine scuppers are drains designed to allow unwanted water to escape from the deck of your vessel. Water from rain, or waves coming over your bow, is drained through your floor drains and runs out of your vessel through the scuppers. Boat Outfitters offers several different styles of scupper to best fit your needs and vessel. Scuppers are one-way drainage, meaning water can flow out, but not back in. This ensures your boat does not take on water and potentially capsize.

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