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Organization is a huge factor in the success of fishing guides, tournament fishing teams, and recreational anglers. Keeping your equipment safe and secure on the way to your fishing grounds can eliminate any potential headaches. » Read More

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Tackle Bags

Organized gear and fishing tackle bags come at a premium on all boats, big or small. Not only can storage be critical to fishing, but it can also be critical to the safety of everyone on board. A cluttered deck can lead to falls, and loose rigs and tools can lead to hooks being stepped on and other safety issues. On the water, these minor inconveniences can have more severe consequences.

T-top Bags for Life Jackets & Safety Gear

While safety equipment can take up lots of room, it needs to be easily accessible in the event of an emergency. T-top storage bags are great for storing bulky items such as life jackets and throw cushions. Not only does the T-top bag utilize previously unused space, but it also keeps your safety gear within easy reach.

Suspended Tackle Bags

Suspended tackle and gear storage, like those made by TackleWebs, also turn previously wasted space into storage. These can turn the framing of your T-top into storage that can hold tackle boxes, pliers, rig bags, and other equipment. Using special bungee cords, suspended storage can be installed essentially anywhere there is a vertical void created by the framework. Read More

Velcro & Stick-On Tackle Bags

To utilize even more nooks and crannies, adhesive or velcro-backed mesh tackle containers can go on the sides of consoles, under gunwales, or inside hatches to organize large underdeck storage areas.

We offer Velcro-backed tackle bags in 16” wide x 12” tall and 12” wide and 16” tall options that allow you to take them with you, or stow them when you’re not on your boat. When you’re fishing, you can simply re-attach them to their Velcro strip to have your equipment easily accessible.

Cooler Lid Storage Bags

Even the underside of your cooler lid can benefit from a mesh storage bag. Cooler lid storage can keep your snacks dry and cool above the potentially fishy ice. Although not as portable as a standalone soft-sided tackle bag or tackle box, mesh boat tackle containers can serve a broader array of functions and are geared towards broader boat storage use.

On a similar note, although they may not be as tidy as a built-in tackle cabinet, they are a fraction of the cost and can be mounted in a variety of different ways. Read More

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