Dock Accessories

Docks are much more than places to tie up boats. Whether they're private docks, public docks, marina docks, or a floating dock system, they also serve as fishing platforms, boat maintenance centers, fish cleaning stations, and gathering areas. » Read More

Boat Dock Accessories

Despite all the other things they’re used for, the primary use of docks is to tie up or moor boats. Doing so safely and smoothly requires several kinds of dock accessories and equipment.

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Dock & Boat Cleats

We carry several kinds of dock cleats including traditional 6” and 8” surface-mount stainless steel cleats, white nylon cleats, and stainless steel folding cleats that fold flat when not in use, reducing the chance of tripping or stubbing a toe.

Dock & Boat Fender Hangers, Cleats, & Clips

Handy on both docks and boats, special fender cleats, hangers, and clips make it easy to hang fenders right where you need them, leaving cleats free for dock lines. We carry several innovative, stainless steel quick-release fender cleats that virtually disappear when not needed.

The Freedom Cleat Fender System uses a heavy-duty suction mount to allow you to position a fender anywhere on your boat, while the Rope Lock takes the place of knots, making docking and deploying fenders a breeze. We also carry cost-effective fender hangers for round rails and square pontoon rails.

dock boxes - Boat Outfittersdock boxes - Boat Outfitters

Slammer Dock Fenders

The ultimate dock upgrade, the Slammer Fender System surrounds your dock in waterproof foam padding that mounts easily using a track system. By installing dock bumpers and padding on your dock, you eliminate the need for traditional boat fenders.

Dock Lines

Quality nylon dock lines are a staple on any dock or boat. Double-braid dock lines in 3/8” and 1/2” thickness cover nearly all applications.

Dock Edge Extrusion 

From keeping your boat in a slip full-time to docking mishaps, there are plenty of opportunities for even the most experienced captain to ding or scrape a boat's Gelcoat around home or marina docks. Outfitting your dock or slip with marine-grade dock edging and bumpers offers all-around protection for your boat. Our selection of heavy-duty, flexible vinyl dock edging extrusions and urethane foam bumpers will give your dock a professional, finished look and help keep your vessel ding-free when docked.

Dock Storage and Tools 

If you keep your boat in the water or on a lift at your home dock or in a marina, your dock will be where you do most of your regular boat cleaning and maintenance. Turning your dock into an effective boat cleaning station takes a few additions.

Dock Hose Storage

Hoses are in constant use on a dock for flushing engines, washing down decks, rinsing coolers, cleaning fish, and a dozen other chores. A purpose-built hose hanger makes them easier to use and store. We offer a powder-coated pedestal with a hose hook and a built-in spigot that is ideal for marinas as well as home docks and a simple, effective Starboard dock hose holder that doubles as a dock line hook.

Boat Cleaning Tools & Storage

There’s nothing more useful around the dock than a 5-gallon bucket — especially a heavy-duty, marine-ready bucket with a heavy-duty rope handle like the ones we sell. For brushes and other cleaning supplies, we carry handy boat pole and deck brush holders.

Dock Fish Cleaning Tables & Tool Holders

Docks are the ideal place to clean and pack your catch, but it takes the right equipment and dock accessories to make the job comfortable and efficient.

Dock Filet & Fish Cleaning Tables

Boat Outfitters carries an extensive selection of fish cleaning tables for your dock, ranging from a simple cutting surface with tool holders to full-featured tables with sinks, drawers, shelves, and storage cabinets. Our filet tables mount either on the dock surface or overhand the dock edge to maximize space. For DIYers, we also carry filet table tops, powder-coated dock table legs, and other components to build your fish cleaning table.

Fishing & Fish Cleaning Tool Holders

Although all of our filet tables incorporate tool holders for knives, pliers, spray nozzles, and drinks, sometimes you need extra spots for tools on your dock. Our handy Starboard tool holders accommodate various combinations of knives, pliers, fish grippers, scales, lures, and screws to any vertical surface.

dock boxes - Boat Outfittersdock boxes - Boat Outfitters

Dock Boxes, Steps, & Storage Cabinets

Whether you keep your boat in a marina at your dock, chances are you’ll want to store a lot of boat and/or fishing equipment on the dock, rather than transporting it to and from the boat every trip.

Dock Boxes

Boat Outfitters offers top-quality fiberglass dock boxes in 14 different sizes and two grades, including premium Rough Water Dock Boxes, to fit your dock perfectly. These dock boxes are lockable and feature a finished gel coat interior. We also carry triangular dock boxes. Dock boxes are ideal for the storage of bulky items like fenders, dock lines, water toys, life jackets, and cleaning supplies.

Dock Steps

Dock steps are useful for boarding larger boats. Our Rough Water dock boxes are beautifully finished with integrated nonskid, which are important for traction. If your step will be more or less stationary, consider one with a lid and interior storage. For a step that will be moved frequently, lightweight is important.

Dock Tackle Storage Cabinets

For the ultimate in-dock tackle storage, consider a freestanding dock storage cabinet with slots for Plano-style tackle trays and drawers for larger items like line and leader, rigging tools, and fighting belts. These fully lockable cabinets bolt permanently to your dock and include integrated rod racks plus cutting/rigging surfaces on top.

Dock & Marina Signage

For both home and marina docks, carefully planned signage helps guests find their way around and stay safe. Boat Outfitters offers a variety of pre-formatted marina dock signs, but can also make custom dock signs. Dock and marina signs are exposed to the harshest of conditions — constant sunlight and UV radiation, moisture, and salt. King Starboard is a superior material to wood, metal, or other plastics.

Nonskid Dock Paint

Freshly stained and sealed wood docks are beautiful, but unfortunately, they don’t stay that way long. Another option is to coat your dock with nonskid paint, creating an extremely durable surface that also provides extra grip for added safety. Tuff Coat rubberized nonskid coating is easy to apply with a roller or sprayer and available in a wide variety of colors. We carry the coating itself plus Tuff Coat Adhesion Primer, Tuff Coat Metal Primer, and special textures Tuff Coat rollers.

Miscellaneous Dock Accessories

In addition to the categories above, Boat Outfitters carries many hand-picked dock accessories and tools. For example, our Post Mounting Dock Rod Holder is an ingenious solution to the problem of rod storage on docks. It attaches to any square post and holds two inshore rods safe and out of the way yet easy to reach.

Likewise, our Stand Up Paddle Boat Storage Rack is a unique solution to the problem of storing paddle boards on your dock. It holds your SUP on edge to minimize its footprint and includes convenient paddle slots.

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