Vertical Piling Protection Bumper

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Key Features:

  • Marine grade PVC vertical piling protector absorbs shocks and won’t leave marks like rubber
  • Built into dock piling offering full impact protection with minimal maintenance
  • UV-stabilized for exceptional durability in the harsh marine environment
  • Available in (3) colors - choose black for less visible marring, white for best visibility, or gray for a clean look
  • Easy installation with #8 stainless steel wood screws and finish washers (sold separately)
  • Available in 6 ft lengths
Required Tools:
3”-3 ½” #7 or #8 Phillips Flat Head Screws
1-1 ½” #7 or #8 Phillips Flat Head Screws
Flat or Finish Washers
⅛” Drill Bit
Marine-grade 2 x 4

Do a dry fit of each piece before beginning installation to determine the exact placement, alignment, and orientation of each piece. Mark the position on the dock piling, 2 x 4, and the bumper to help guide your installation

Line up the 2 x 4 on your vertical dock post or piling. Drill pilots holes or using self-tapping screws mount the 2 x 4 to your piling using 3-3 ½” long stainless steel screws

Slide Vertical Piling Protector over the 2 x 4 and screw the sides of the protector to the 2 x 4 every 6” using 1”-½” long stainless steel screws and flat or finish washers
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