Boat Mounts

Boat mounts are used to position and hold a wide variety of accessories, from seats to drink holders, rod holders, cameras, electronics, tables, grills, and more. » Read More

Different Types of Mounts for Different Applications

Some accessories and upgrades attach or install directly to your boat. Others require a separate mount or base to attach them where they need to go. Those mounts can be any of dozens of different materials and configurations.

To help you understand what you can use, we have made a list of the mounts and bases we have available here at Boat Outfitters and the boat and marine accessories they are designed to work with.

Boat Seat Mounts & Brackets

Common Uses

As the name suggests, folding boat sea mounts are designed to provide an easy way to install places to sit on your vessel. There are many varieties available, including pedestal or swivel mounts, sliders, spiders, and folding brackets. Folding seat brackets are great for mounting seats or benches against transoms or bulkheads. This is because they allow the seat to be easily folded down out of the way, so they won't fill up needed space.

In addition, these are also perfect for other places, such as your home, dock, or outdoor kitchen. Depending on the model you invest in, you may find in addition to fitting a boat seat to it, there is also space to mount and keep other accessories and practical tools on it.


The main advantage a folding boat seat mount offers you is convenience and added space. A simple trigger mechanism allows the bracket to fold and adjust downward so the seat stows flat when not needed. This is especially important for transom benches, which get in the way while fishing.

Boat Table Brackets

Common Uses

Much like folding seat brackets, folding table brackets allow tables to be folded down out of the way when not in use. They’re handy not just on boats, but also on decks, patios, docks, and outdoor kitchens.

V-Lock Mounts

Common Uses

The V-Lock mounting system is an innovative system of interchangeable mounts that all fit the same V-shaped socket based. Their simple, strong design holds accessories securely yet makes them easy and quick to remove as well. V-Lock mounts are commonly used to mount everything from rod holders and downriggers to fire extinguishers and dive tanks.


The most obvious advantage is the fact they offer a great deal of versatility. Because the inserts aren’t specific to one kind of accessory (a rod holder, for example) they can be used to mount almost anything. Simply attach the insert to whatever you want to mount. They are also low-profile and unobtrusive when not in use.

As they offer almost limitless customization options, you also can reduce the amount of drilling you need to do on your boat’s gunwale. Rather than having 20 holes, you can just use a couple of V-Lock mounts and switch out accessories and tools as and when you need them, depending on what you are doing out on the water.

Vacuum/Suction Cup/SeaSucker Mounts

The SeaSucker suction cup vacuum mounts are designed to make things even easier than the V-Lock in many ways. Using an extremely strong vacuum, SeaSucker products can be securely attached to virtually any smooth surface without drilling.

Common Uses

SeaSucker vacuum suction products are used on boats to attach rod holders, drink holders, cutting tables, grab handles, teaser reels, cameras, electronics, and more. Anywhere you have a smooth, flat surface, you can mount something.


Depending on the model you invest in, you can use your SeaSucker suction cups that are rated to pull anywhere from 120-pounds to 210-pounds.

No drilling is required, meaning SeaSuckers can be moved at will.

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