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Boat mounts are used to position and hold a wide variety of accessories, from seats to drink holders, rod holders, cameras, electronics, tables, grills, and more. » Read More

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Different Types of Mounts for Different Applications

Some accessories and upgrades attach or install directly to your boat. Others require a separate mount or base to attach them where they need to go. Those mounts can be any of dozens of different materials and configurations.

To help you understand what you can use, we have made a list of the mounts and bases we have available here at Boat Outfitters and the boat and marine accessories they are designed to work with.

Boat Seat Mounts & Brackets

Boat seat mounts and brackets are essential components for creating comfortable seating arrangements on watercraft. The key advantage lies in their ability to fold down easily, maximizing space efficiency and ensuring a clutter-free environment when seats are not in use.  Read More

Boat Table Brackets

Whether enjoying leisurely cruises or entertaining guests, boat table brackets provide a seamless balance between functionality and convenience, making them indispensable accessories for marine enthusiasts. Read More

V-Lock Mounts

V-Lock mounts revolutionize the way accessories are secured and utilized on boats. With a versatile V-shaped socket system, these mounts offer a simple yet robust solution for a wide range of marine equipment.  Read More

Vacuum/Suction Cup/SeaSucker Mounts

The SeaSucker suction cup vacuum mounts are designed to make things even easier than the V-Lock in many ways. Using an extremely strong vacuum, SeaSucker products can be securely attached to virtually any smooth surface without drilling. Read More

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