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Whether you’re washing off the last bits of tuna blood from a fishing trip, or rinsing off the last of the spilled drinks from the sandbar, the kind of cleaning supplies you use is important. » Read More

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Boat Cleaners: The Right Tool for the Job!

Boats require constant upkeep, with cleaning being one of the most important tasks. Because a boat is built with so many different materials, it’s important to have specific cleaners for specific uses. Just like you wouldn’t wash your windows with wood floor cleaner, there are designated cleaners for their respective uses.  

Boat Wash vs Household Soaps

While it might be tempting to use some household cleaners, like dish soap, it’s important to use soap designated for marine use. Household soaps can actually damage your boat. Dish soap is designed to take off grease and grime from your dishes. Typical dish soaps are more acidic than boat soaps, which usually have a pH of around 7, similar to water. Read More

Cleaning Non-Skid

Non-skid decks can be a burden to clean. The same texture that provides traction creates a million crevices for dirt, blood, and grime to settle in. Many non-skid deck cleaners can work as an all-purpose cleaner, allowing you to use one product for routine cleaning. Some non-skid cleaners also provide a protective coating once dried, helping to repel dirt and stains over time. 

Removing Rust

Rust remover is one of the niche cleaners you may need to keep on hand. Some boats don’t have any issues with rust streaking, but it can be common on older boats. Most rust stain removers come in a spray bottle. They’re simple to use, only requiring a spray and wipe down. Read More

Aluminum Cleaners

Some boats have expansive aluminum framing in the form of wakeboarding arches, T-tops, or tuna towers. Keeping your metalwork clean can be a chore. To help aid this cleaning, there are specific aluminum cleaners. These types of cleaners may not need to be used every trip, but it is important to keep your metalwork in good shape to avoid pitting and corrosion.

Marine Vinyl Cleaners

Many styles of boats have extensive vinyl seating to allow for lounging, cruising, and entertaining. Although vinyl is a durable material, it is prone to mildew and requires some upkeep. For removing mold and mildew, Ultimate Vinyl Clean Spray is a great product made by Star Brite. It is safe to use on vinyl, plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces. Once your vinyl is clean it’s a good idea to apply a mold blocker to keep your cushions in pristine condition.

Cleaning Teak

Teak decking and accents are a staple on classic boats. Teak will weather and turn gray under the sun, but routine cleaning can keep it glowing. It is critical to avoid harsh chemicals on teak. Harsh chemicals can destroy the naturally protective oils present in teak, causing it to degrade. There are a multitude of products designed specifically to clean, brighten, and protect teak. Read More

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