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Importance of Boat Doors, Hatches and Lids

Boat doors help compartmentalize and protect the space on your boat as well as offer easy access to those areas. Choosing the correct boat hatch or door allows you to keep your boat organized, accessible, and protected!

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Types of Boat Doors

Access Doors: These are the most common and versatile ways to add access to any area of your boat.

Console Doors: Console doors are commonly found on center console boats and allow access to the helm/ console. These doors can vary in style and size to match the needs of each boat.

Transom Doors: The transom is the area back section of the boat hull, where outboard motors are mounted. A door in the transom area makes it easy to board and exit the boat or gain access to the swim platform. They are usually on larger boats or pontoon boats.

Deck Hatches: Deck hatches are essentially heavy-duty, better-supported boat doors. Since they are often installed on high-traffic areas like fishing platforms or boat decks, they are designed to hold weight and be walked on.

Wind block Doors: These doors are most common on dual console boats, like ski boats, or catamarans. They block the wind and elements from reaching the seating area. Wind block doors are also commonly referred to as walkthru doors.

Livewell lids: Livewell lids allow access to the bait tank, livewell or bait well and are usually secured to the boat hull with butt hinges. These are easy to replace but since there are so many options it's best to call us so we can find the perfect replacement lid for your boat.  

Deck Plates: Usually round and threaded, they are great ways to add a small access area to almost any section of your boat. However, they are most often seen on the boat deck.

Maintianing Boat Doors

Have you noticed any problems with the doors on your boat recently? Do they jam more easily than they did in the past? Does it take a lot of effort to open them? Are they damaged or showing signs of rot and serious wear and tear? If so, it may be time to replace the boat door hinges, boat latches, or the door frame. There are also other door components to keep in mind when maintaining or replacing your doors. 

Boat Door Components

Bulb seal: The door seal creates a tight seal between the door and frame, helping block out water and reducing vibrations and rattle.

Hinges: The most common marine hinge on boat doors is a piano hinge, it has a low profile and allows the door to open with little resistance. If you want your door to stay open when in use you can use friction hinges or a gas shock. All of the hinges we offer are corrosion-resistant and many are 316-grade stainless steel.

Louvers: Add vented louvers for increased airflow to the area behind your door. Our vented louvers are cut via slightly offset parallel mills cut into the back and front of the door. This allows airflow while minimizing the amount of water blown through the door.

Latches: When it comes to boat door latches there are a few options including slam latches, cam latches, head door latches, or cabin door latches. The size and placement of your door will determine the best option.

Best Materials for Boat Doors, Hatches, and Lids

Starboard: has many great qualities. It is super durable, requires minimum care to maintain, looks great, and will last for generations! Therefore, we mostly recommend starboard as the best all-around choice.

Acrylic:  Boat doors made out of acrylic have a high gloss, polished look. The unique advantage of acrylic is that it also comes in a variety of colors, including clear or translucent. This is why its the perfect option for livewell lids or doors you need to see through. The downside to acrylic doors is that they are not as durable as starboard, UV rays and repeated use can lead to cracking and fading.  

Teak Wood: Some purists think teak wood is the only way to go for boat doors. The classic look and trusted reliability of teak wood make it a solid choice. However, teak does require much more maintenance than our other materials. You should know, that all teak wood we use is FEQ grade, which is the highest quality and best-looking grade of material.

How to Order Custom Boat Doors?

Boat Outfitters should always be your first stop when looking for marine doors. We are the leading supplier of boat, hatch, and console doors to the marine industry. This means we probably built your original door and can easily make you a custom or an exact replacement for your boat. 

Exact OEM Replacement Boat Doors

We have been the leading supplier of component boat doors for more than 40 years and counting. This means we have prototyped more than 100,000 unique parts for more than 200 different boat builders. What does that mean? We are a fantastic source for even the hardest to find replacement boat doors! Just give us a call and we can get you the door or hatch you need.

Custom Boat Doors and Hatches

Boat Outfitters is your one-stop-shop for custom boat parts! This especially includes doors, hatches, and lids. We have a bunch of plug-and-play options for boat doors, allowing you to create the exact door you need, and having us build and ship it to you fast. Check out this video for tips on ordering the perfect boat door! 

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