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Boat Maintenance

Performing regular marine maintenance is key to keeping your boat performing at its peak, and decreases the chance of a major malfunction. You should do routine boat maintenance checks often, and at least one thorough yearly check-up.

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Boat Engine Maintenance

  • Inspect the prop blades for dings, check for debris wrapped around the shaft, grease and tighten the nut and install a new cotter pin if needed
  • Change the lower unit gear lube, check the water pump, inspect and replace the anodes if needed
  • Check and change the trim and tilt fluids, and inspect seals for leaks
  • Grease all steering fittings and make sure all components are in working order, check fluids or cables depending if your steering is mechanical or hydraulic
  • Fuel tanks should be cleaned and the filter replaced. 
  • Check all hoses, and primer bulb if you have one, for leaks or cracks
  • Clean around the filter, dipstick, and drain plug. Replace the oil filter and check the engine hours to see if it’s time to replace the oil

Hulls Maintenance

  • Wash and wax, and inspect the gel-coat for scratches, cracks, and damage on fiberglass hulls
  • Wash and check welds and rivets on aluminum hulls

Marine Plumbing System Maintenance

  • Clean the bilge, bilge pump, and strainer - making sure to remove any debris and oil
  • Check the bilge pump impeller, diaphragms, and connections - making sure there is no damage
  • Inspect all thru-hulls, seacocks, and underwater fittings for corrosion and check all hoses for cracks or rot
  • Inspect the livewell pumps and ensure they are operating correctly

Marine Electrical systems

  • Unhook the battery to clean the posts and connections and apply anticorrosive jelly
  • Inspect wiring and connections for cracks, damages, or corrosion 
  • Check all fuses and breakers
  • Make sure all gauges and switches are working correctly

Boat Canvas/Upholstery

  • Clean seats and canvas regularly to prevent/remove mold and mildew build-up

Boat Hinges, Tracks, and Moving Components

  • Inspect snaps, zippers, tracks, and hinges - making sure all moving parts function properly
  • Scrub away rust and corrosion and lubricate parts as needed
  • Ensure gas shocks are working and strong enough to hold up doors and lids

Marine Winterization

Depending on your location and seasonality you might need to winterize your boat. Winterization requires specific maintenance in order to protect your boat from the harsh winter weather.


  • Flush and drain cooling water, remove all water from the engine
  • Remove and replace engine oil and install a new oil filter
  • Protect internal components with a fogging oil spray
  • Change the fuel filter, add new fuel with stabilizer
  • Replace gear oil and replace seals if you notice water contamination in the old oil
  • Grease and lubricate fittings


  • Drain all water from heads, livewells, bilge pump, wash downs, tanks etc. all water needs to be removed to prevent damage
  • Add antifreeze to the plumbing systems


  • Inspect the hull and gel-coat for any crack or damages
  • Wash thoroughly, removing any dirt or grime build-up
  • Apply wax to protect the gel-coat
  • Cover or shrink wrap the entire boat with appropriate venting to prevent moisture build-up from temperature fluctuations

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