Elastomeric Marine Sealant

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Key Features:

  • One component, marine grade, synthetic rubber which dries by solvent evaporation.
  • Provides great adhesion to fiberglass, glass, most plastics, metal and wood
  • For use above and below the waterline
  • Paintable, Sand-able and more easily cleaned than polyeurethane sealers like Sikaflex
  • Advantages
  • Paintable and Sandable
  • No primer required
  • Fast skinning (10 min), fast curing (24-hours)
  • Outstanding adhesion to fiberglass, glass, plastics, metal and wood
  • Used above or below waterline
  • Easier to remove than polyurethane (i.e. 5200)
  • Permanent flexibility
  • 50% joint movement

  • Limitations
  • Allow minimum of one week for full cure prior to total water immersion situations or painting
  • Do not use as a deck seam sealant
  • Not recommended for wooden decks
  • Not recommended for use in areas subject to regular gasoline contact
  • Elastomeric generally has good resistance to teak cleaners and oils, however it is advisable to test a small area for compatibility and resistance.
  • Behind doors and storage unit frames
  • Thru hull fittings (above and below water line)
  • Deck hardware, windshields
  • Ports, hatches, rails and chain plates
  • Anywhere else a high quality marine grade adhesive is required

    10 oz Cartridge Yields:
  • 156 linear feet of 1/8" bead
  • 39 linear feet of 1/4" bead

    3 oz Tube Yields:
  • 46 linear feet of 1/8" bead
  • 11 linear feet of 1/4" bead

    Clean Up: Uncured elastomeric is easily removed with mineral spirits. Fully cured sealant is only removed mechanically

    Shelf life: 36 months

    Application Temperature: 40°F - 130°F

    Tack-Free to Touch: 10 minutes at 70°F and 50% RH

    Full Cure: 1-7 days

    Chemical Resistance: Long-term; water, diluted acids and alkalies Short-term; solvent and strong acid

    Shore Hardness: 30

    Tensile Strength: 350 p.s.i

Does this work on Starboard? Sudbury elastomeric sealant adheres to Starboard much better than silicone. It is the recommended adhesive for sealing/waterproofing behind starboard frames on tackle boxes and doors. With that said, it is not a substitute for mechanical fasteners and should not be used as the only means of structurally adhering starboard.

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