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Why Are Cutting Boards Important on a Boat?

There's nothing handier when cruising or fishing than having a boat cutting board. Whether prepping baits, rigging lines, or mixing cocktails, a cutting board can offer a helping hand! It's important to have a board made out of high-quality marine-grade materials, that way it cleans up easily and holds up to tough marine conditions. This is why we make our cutting boards out of marine-grade King StarBoard, it truly is the premier cutting board material. 

Common Uses for Boat Cutting Boards?

If you have ever tried to prepare bait while out at sea without having a designated space to do so, you will know how tricky it can be. Often, people will just use the boat deck or gunwale to cut their bait, which is really not a great idea. 

Not only is it an incredibly messy and unorganized way to do it, but you also run the risk of causing damage to your boat.

Fishing Cutting Board Features

As we know how important it can be to have space for all the equipment and tools you have when fishing, we have equipped our cutting boards with some excellent features. These include:

  • Tool holders
  • Drink Holders
  • Knife holders
  • Rod holders
  • Tackle tray holders

Perfect for Other Activities Too

Of course, it’s not just for bait preparation that you should consider using a cutting board for on your boat. You can also use one of these cutting boards to safely fillet fish once it’s caught whether you intend to prepare and eat it straight away or just to cut down the mess before you get back on land. 

In addition to cutting bait, it provides you with a nice stable place to prepare lines, rigs, and even snacks or drinks. 

Starboard- The Best Material for Cutting Boards

While you may find that there are a variety of different options when it comes to cutting boards out there, like plastic cutting boards and wooden cutting boards, we believe that Starboard is the best material for the job. Why?

  • Easy to Clean – Starboard is incredibly hygienic and easy to clean. You just simple hand wash and wipe it after use and you are good to go next time you need it.
  • Won’t Damage Knife – the last thing you want is a cutting board for your boat that is going to damage that nice knife you bought to prepare bait and fillet fish with. When used on other, rougher surfaces, that is exactly what could happen. Whereas with a Starboard cutting board, you are unlikely to do any lasting damage to the knife.

Boat Cutting Board Mounting Options 

One of the issues many boat owners and fishing enthusiasts have when it comes to setting up a marine cutting board on their vessel is finding the right mounting option. At Boat Outfitters, we have tried to include solutions for all situations and setups. 

Rod Holder Mount Cutting Boards

Any serious angler keeps a rod holder mount fillet table on board! This is perhaps one of the most commonly used mounts because it is easy and hassle-free. Even if you are worried about using up a rod holder that you need for fishing, you can choose the Trident fixture that allows you to fit a cutting board onto your rod holder, without losing the use of a rod holder, as it gives you three-rod holders.

Yeti Top Cutting Boards

If you don’t want to use your rod holders, but have a Yeti or another type of cooler, another option we have is the cooler top cutting board. The ones we stock have been designed and cut to fit specific models, but don’t worry if you have a cooler from a different model. Contact us, as we can manufacture custom cutting boards to fit different cooler tops.

Bucket Top Cutting Boards 

Whether you're looking for an extra cutting surface on your boat, dock, or at the beach the bucket top mounting option is a great choice. The milled ring on the bottom of the table allows it to fit snug on a standard 5-gallon bucket. 


V-locks are great for removable mounting options. The v-lock system contains 2 parts, the mounting base and insert. The Mounting base can be secured to any flat surface of your boat and accepts a universal insert. These v-lock inserts can be mounted to a variety of boating accessories, including drink holders, rod storage and cutting boards 


If you do not want to affix anything semi-permanently or permanently to your boat and want to have the freedom to move your cutting boards to different areas of your vessel, one final option for mounting them is the Seasucker. We have several cutting boards for boat use that are designed to slot on top of the Seasucker unit. 

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