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Uses for Tackle Trays 

Plastic tackle trays are a great way to organize your fishing gear and easily stow it in your boat or one of our premier boat tackle boxes. There is a wide variety of plastic tackle tray options made by Plano and offered here at Boat Outfitters. Our relationship with the Plano Molding company allows us to have a consistent supply of a variety of tray sizes and styles.

Why Plano Trays are Great for Tackle Storage

If you are new to fishing or have yet to invest in Plano premium tackle storage boxes, you may wonder what makes Plano fishing boxes so good. There are many great reasons why we recommend Plano tackle systems to fishing enthusiasts.

Some of the main benefits of choosing Plano products are highlighted below.

High-Quality Construction Using High-Quality Material

Plano has been in business since 1952 and they have led the tackle tray market from the front because they make high-quality products using high-quality materials. Here at Boat Outfitters, we focus on using high-quality marine products made of the best materials.

Water Resistant or Waterproof Tackle Trays

If there is one thing you want from a tackle box, it’s that it’s water-resistant and lightweight. Tackle trays are a great way to keep your lures dry and protected. However, if you’re looking for an especially waterproof tackle tray, Plano does offer these in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This is to store everything from small terminal tackle to large bulk items. These waterproof Plano trays will also float, as long as the items inside aren’t too heavy.

fishing tackle boxes - Boat Outfittersfishing tackle boxes - Boat Outfitters

Plano Tray Details


Plano tray sizes are usually specified by their series, i.e. 3400, 3500, 3600, and 3700 refer to the length and width of the boxes. The last two digits in the box size number, i.e. 30, 40, 50, and 60 refer to the depth of the box. For example, a 3730 Plano box will be longer, wider, and deeper than a 3650 box.

Tray Layouts

Plano has expanded its product list over the years, and you will find that there are several different Plano tackle box layouts. Like many of the ingenious Plano tackle boxes for sale, they can be customized.

With the included dividers to accommodate the dimensions and shapes of everything from the tiniest hooks to bait, and larger lures like crankbaits and spinnerbaits.


One thing that has always been important since the beginning was that Plano tack storage trays need to be strong and dependable. While they were more lightweight and easier to carry than the older traditional metal options, they did not lose their robustness or durability.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Although this is not the most important thing in the grand scheme of things, it’s nice having nice things. Plano tackle boxes and Plano tackle storage trays are very pleasing to the eye.

Since most of the options are clear plastic, it allows you to quickly find your lure or baits without opening the box.

fishing tackle boxes - Boat Outfittersfishing tackle boxes - Boat Outfitters

Tackle Tray Varieities 

Plano Tackle Trays: The company was started by a fisherman looking to make things easier and eliminate the need for those old-fashioned, heavy, and very clunky boxes that were used in the past. Even now, though, Plano trays are being constantly evolved and tweaked to provide the best solution to storing tackle.

Plano Lure Boxes: Rather than just offering solutions for fishing tackle in general, Plano has made products that are made with specific tackle and fishing paraphernalia in mind. For instance, a Plano lure box is better suited to the larger and more awkward shapes and sizes of popular lures used these days.

Plano Bait Containers: Bait is often smaller than lures and when not properly secured, they can end up getting mixed up and all over a tackle bag, box, or another container. That is why the company came up with Plano tackle storage trays with Plano bait containers that would keep the small tackle separate and organized

Boat Outfitters Storage Solutions for Plano Tackle Trays

At Boat Outfitters, we love Plano tackle trays in all their many shapes and sizes. That is why, alongside the various Plano fishing tackle boxes and tackle trays we have for sale, we also offer various on-vessel installation and storage solutions for the Plano tackle boxes.

These make it easy to set up your chosen and preferred Plano tackle systems on your boat for easy accessibility.

Other Non-Marine Uses for Plano Tackle Trays

While it’s likely you are here to buy Plano fishing boxes for fishing, it’s worth highlighting the many other great, non-marine uses these storage space solutions have.

Craft & Tool Storage

Plano trays have enough individual compartments and trays that you will have more than enough places to neatly store away any small crafts equipment and tools like knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing needles, buttons, beads, and other accessories.

Small Parts & Fixings Storage

Plano tackle storage boxes are also ideal for keeping all your screws, nails, marine hardware, pins, and other DIY fixings and small parts neatly tidied away.

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