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Plano makes lightweight, practical, and versatile plastic tackle trays. At Boat Outfitters, we have a wide selection of these great lure and fishing tackle storage solutions. » Read More

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Uses for Tackle Trays 

Plastic tackle trays are a great way to organize your fishing gear and easily stow it in your boat or one of our premier boat tackle boxes. There is a wide variety of plastic tackle tray options made by Plano and offered here at Boat Outfitters. Our relationship with the Plano Molding company allows us to have a consistent supply of a variety of tray sizes and styles. Read More

Plano Tray Details

Plano trays are beloved by anglers for their practicality and aesthetic appeal. Available in various sizes and layouts, they offer customizable storage solutions for all types of fishing gear. Read More

Tackle Tray Varieities 

From tackle trays to specialized lure boxes and bait containers, Plano offers a diverse range of solutions designed to keep fishing gear organized and easily accessible.  Read More

Boat Outfitters Storage Solutions for Plano Tackle Trays

At Boat Outfitters, we love Plano tackle trays in all their many shapes and sizes. That is why, alongside the various Plano fishing tackle boxes and tackle trays we have for sale, we also offer various on-vessel installation and storage solutions for the Plano tackle boxes.

These make it easy to set up your chosen and preferred Plano tackle systems on your boat for easy accessibility.

Other Non-Marine Uses for Plano Tackle Trays

While it’s likely you are here to buy Plano fishing boxes for fishing, it’s worth highlighting the many other great, non-marine uses these storage space solutions have. Read More

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