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In order to stay safe and successful on the water it's critical to have the correct, type and size of marine pumps. » Read More

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What are Marine Pumps?

There are quite a few applications for marine water pumps on board a boat, including; draining the bilge, filling live wells, and powering wash downs. Making sure your pumps are working and well maintained is important to a safe and successful day of fishing or cruising. Marine pumps can go through a lot of strain over the years and often need to be maintained and replaced. Before going out on the water you should make sure your pumps are running well. At the first sign of malfunction, replace or at the very least repair the marine pumps, not doing so can result in the sinking of your boat!

How to Choose a Bilge Pump?

Bilge pumps are found on most boats and are used to remove water from the bottom of the hull interior or the bilge, that collects there. When looking at the various pumps that are out there, you may be struggling to choose the best one for your setup. Consider the following points. Read More

How to Choose a Livewell or Baitwell Pump?

Livewell pumps are designed to provide water to fish or bait and keep them healthy and alive. Livewells are a crucial part of any fishing boat, which is why we prioritize supplying all livewell pumps and parts. Just like your bilge pumps, never use a pump with a lower GPH rating than the original pump installed in your boat. Read More

Other Styles of Marine Pumps

Marine pumps come in various styles to meet different needs onboard. Read More

How are Marine Pumps Activated? 

Marine pumps can be activated through various methods, such as float switches, water sensing switches, dashboard switches, or hand-powered pumps. These options provide flexibility and reliability for managing water onboard your boat. Read More

Reasons Pumps Fail

When it comes to the reliability of marine pumps, several factors can lead to their failure. Pumps can fail due to issues like blocked intake from debris, flow restrictions, or electric problems such as loose connections or battery issues. Read More

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