Macerator Pumps

Macerator pumps are used on boats to empty compartments that may hold a mix of liquids and solids. Unlike bilge pumps, these pumps grind solids into slurry, which can then be pumped out.» Read More

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Macerator Pumps for Boats

Macerator pumps serve two purposes on your boat. They grind solids into a thinned out slurry and pump it away. They’re most commonly used to drain waste holding tanks and fish boxes. Think of a macerator pump as a wastewater pump with a grinding system for solids. Read More

Macerator Pumps for Your Boat’s Fish Boxes

Macerator pumps are required in a few instances. For fishermen, they’re most often required to drain fish boxes. This is for a few reasons. Unlike other storage areas, which can drain into your bilge to be pumped out by your bilge pumps, draining your fish box into your bilge could lead to some awful smells and insect problems. Read More

Macerator Pumps for Your Boat’s Holding Tanks

Live-aboard boats with large holding tanks also frequently use a macerator pump on their waste tanks. Similar to a fish box, your sewage tank is not something you want draining into your bilge. These pumps can turn toilet waste into a fine slurry to pump out of a sewage line at a disposal site or pump offshore when legal. 

Keeping Your Macerator Pump Running

There are a few things you need to avoid on your macerating pump. Although they are durable and meant to macerate small solids, they can break if abused. On fish box macerating pumps, avoid putting sinkers, swivels, hooks, and lures in or near the macerator pump drain. These items can jam even a stainless steel macerating pump and cause it to fail prematurely. Read More

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