Boat Navigation Lights

Navigation lights are extremely important for safety and are required by the U.S. Coast Guard for the operation of any boat at night or in reduced visibility conditions like fog. » Read More

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What is the Purpose of Navigation Lights for Boats?

Navigation lights are meant to communicate information about your boat to other vessels. Properly used, navigation lights tell other vessels where you are, whether you are anchored or underway, and what direction you are moving. Read More

Importance of Navigation Lights

Most recreational boats are not technically required to be rigged with permanent navigation lights or even to carry portable navigation lights. For operation at night or in reduced visibility, though, navigation lights are required by law — and common sense. Read More

Basic Navigation Light Rules and Laws

Navigation light requirements vary by vessel size and type. For powerboats underway (not anchored), the basic requirements are a red sidelight on the port side, a green sidelight on the starboard side, a white masthead light shining forward, and white stern light. The masthead light must be higher than the sidelights. Read More

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