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Mainting Your Trailer is as Important as Maintaining Your Boat!

Boat trailers are crucial pieces of transportation solutions for helping to get your boat from one place to another. They are useful to launch your boat safely and easily or when it is time to go home or to another location with your boat. In addition to the boat trailer itself, though, it is likely you will need some boat trailer rollers.

What Are Boat Trailer Rollers?

Boat trailer rollers are accessories you attach to either the front or back of your vessel and they make it easier to launch and pull your boat out of the water and onto the trailer. They also provide a safe distance between the base of the boat and the surface of the ground to protect from avoidable damage occurring. 

What Do Boat Trailer Rollers Do?

Whether the specific models you use are designed to roll or not, make it easier for the boat to be unclipped and rolled into the water. Even if you do not have a heavy boat (as is often the time when it is highly recommended you use rollers), if you are not especially confident about safely submerging your boat into the water just by reversing it in the trailer or by manually maneuvering it off the trailer and into the water, boat rollers are worth investing in. 

Why is it Important to Properly Maintain Trailer Rollers?

Due to the important role of boat rollers on trailers, it is recommended you maintain them properly. Keep a close eye on them and check them regularly. It is a good idea to spin them before and after each time your boat goes into water to make sure they still rotate smoothly. 

What could happen if you don’t maintain them properly? If you are not careful, they could easily start to rust, or debris and other obstructions could make them seize up. As well as making them effective, this could also lead them to cause damage to your boat. 

When the central pin of your rollers starts to rust up, it will also start to expand and could even cause the roller to split. When trailer rollers develop a split in them, they will stop working properly and could even fall off, leading to more potential damage to your boat’s hull.

How to Choose a Replacement ?

An important part of the maintenance necessary to ensure your boat trailer functions properly is replacing the boat trailer guide rollers. How do you do this?

First, you need to choose the right replacement boat parts. There are several different options available including:

  • HDPE rollers – these are generally used for trailers and boats made from aluminum, while polyurethane options are used for boats with fiberglass hulls that require softer rollers.
  • Self-centering keel rollers – these have special grooves to center the hull and ensure it is aligned when it is winched onto the boat trailer.
  • Bow rollers – these are used to ensure your boat is in place when it is being transported. They should be durable and strong to take the boat’s weight and movement in transit.
  • Keel rollers – they support the keel, so need to take the majority of the boat’s weight.
  • Wobble rollers – these fit with the curvature of the boat’s hull and take about 40% of its weight. 
  • Marine Hardware- You may need replacement marine hardware in order to properly install the rollers or other trailer parts.

Installing Your Replacement Rollers

Supplies needed:

  • Replacement rollers
  • Cotter pins 
  • Roller spindles
  • Wrench, mallet, and pliers
  • Penetrating lubricant spray

It is best to do this when the boat is not on the trailer. Pull the cotter pin found at one end of the spindle. If there is rust, you may need to use a drill or pliers to release it. Remove the spindle from its support bracket and discard the broken roller.

Hold your new roller between the panel bracket’s two sides and push the spindle through. Insert the new cotter pin into the spindle and repeat the process for all rollers.

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